Mindplace Limina AVS Light and Sound Meditation System - Makes Meditation Easier

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 Limina Meditation SystemThe best of our systems for those on a budget, offering all of the programs from the original light and sound machines such as the sirius and the procyon, and so much more .......

MindPlace Limina AVS Light & Sound Meditation System is a complex and brilliant device used to meditate the mind. The following are its benefits:

Benefits of the Limina Light and Sound System

  • Works as a meditation aid. Learn to access ascended consciousness states
  • Trains your focus and sharpens attention
  • Intervenes and breaks undesirable states (e.g., anger)
  • Paves the way for a much more accelerated learning capability 
  • Allows the mind to access altered states of consciousness
  • Improves rest quality, particularly, power naps taken in school, work or at home

The meditation glasses are fully RGB, providing millions of possible color combinations, like our ground-breaking Kasina system. The audio quality is excellent, and the unit contains all the preprogrammed sessions. Additionally, it carries a complete variety of 40 Hz sessions as well. Limina covers over 100 Light & Sound sessions that helps in soothing the mind - it also has additional space to store downloaded programs. Free session creation software is also always available if you want to create a much more personalized experience.

Another great bonus is that the manual control mode allows you to choose your favorite frequency so you could center exactly on that track instead of going through the whole session. 

Limina has an audio engine that can create binaural beats and isochronic tones utilizing a variety of audio waveforms, this includes pink noise; these alpha frequencies guide the mind towards peace and positivity as well as reducing the feeling of anxiety; it further results in better functioning and productivity. Although audio files cannot be downloaded into Limina, it can still be used to decode any SpectraStrobe™ or AudioStrobe® audio tracks when played through the AUX audio input.  You can also play your favorite affirmation or meditation through the audio input and have it mixed with internally synthesized sounds.

Here are its following features and advantages:

Limina Meditation SystemFeatures of the Limina Light and Sound System

    • Carries over 100 carefully crafted sessions
    • Easy to use and includes LCD display
    • Contains about 255 shades of each color
    • Has multiple audio waveforms including sine and pink noise
    • Has a clean and clear CD-quality audio path
    • Its manual frequency control mode covers the full range from delta to gamma
    • Can decode SpectraStrobe (Kasina) and AudioStrobe audio files
    • Lightweight - which makes it conveniently carried anywhere 

    On top of all that, MindPlace Limina AVS Light & Sound Meditation System is lightweight, which makes it convenient to carry anywhere at any time.

    The following items are what are included in the box that you receive:

    • GanzFrame eyewear with 6 LEDs per eye
    • Compact earbud headphones
    • USB micro cable (use to transfer more sessions into console)
    • Quickstart manual and session guides
    • audio patch cable
    • Works with two AA batteries (not included)
    • Limina console (requires 2 x AA batteries, not included)

    Box Dimensions (cm) Weight (g)
    17x10x11 568