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The Mystical Kipper tarot is a century-old fortune telling method that originated from Germany. The deck is made up of 36 cards (all in English), which were originally from the 1900s. This work of Regula Elizabeth Fiechter is popular amongst many, especially to those who are passionate with the Mystical Lenormand deck.
The artwork in Mystical Kipper is particularly distinctive, as the illustrations depict the faces of wealth and splendor in the 19th- 20th century. It is nice to note however, that whilst the deck depicts beauty, some of life’s difficulties were also embedded in its imagery. All of the cards have been painted by Urban Trösch in the classical egg tempera technique.
The Mystical Kipper tarot circulates around the concepts of people, relations and society. These are particularly interesting as the images aren’t the usual illustrations that are available in the traditional tarot decks.

Mystical Kipper Cards

The following are all characters or scenes in the 36-card Mystical Kipper deck:
  1. Main Person (male)
  2. Main Person (female)
  3. Marriage Card
  4. Meeting
  5. Good Lord
  6. Good Lady
  7. Pleasant Letter
  8. Sample Kipper Tarot CardsFalse Person
  9. A Change
  10. A Journey
  11. Winning a Lot of Money
  12. Rich Girl
  13. Rich Good Lord
  14. Sad News
  15. Good Start in Love
  16. His Thoughts
  17. Getting a Gift
  18. A Small Child
  19. A Death
  20. House
  21. Living Room
  22. Military Person
  23. Court
  24. Theft
  25. A High Honor to Come
  26. Great Luck
  27. Unexpected Money
  28. Expectation
  29. Prison
  30. Magistrate
  31. Short Illness
  32. Grief and Adversity
  33. Cloudy Thoughts
  34. Work
  35. A Long Road
  36. Hope
Dimension Weight (oz/g)
Card Size: 9.3 x 6 cm (3.6 x 2.3")
Deck Size: 9.3 x 6 x 1.8 cm (3.6 x 2.3 x 0.7")
2.8 / 78

Includes 36 Cards and Instruction Booklet

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Heidi M.
Love these cards ....

I feel really conected with these cards and they guide my inner feelings well for divining.

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