Personal Life Force Energy Disc

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(AKA Personal Life Force Energy Disc)

We have introduced a "ch'i energy" disc into our range of products to help deal with the deleterious effects of electromagnetic radiation. The disc (around 33mm in diameter) comes with a synthetic cord, and is worn as a pendant around the neck, with the disc hanging over the chest area. The disc utilizes a simple design, consisting of a pressed metallic copper disc with the Chinese symbol for Chi and a "log periodic" (mandala for harnessing energy) tuned to the "Tao". While the disc does not reduce electromagnetic fields, it has the effect of cancelling out their negative effects on living systems by producing a gentle energy harmonised for the human energy field. While the discs have not been scientifically validated, kinesiology tests have revealed their effectiveness in experiments where human subjects were placed in the presence of an electromagnetic field with and without the disc.

The Ch'i energy disc not only assists in making sitting close to a computer monitor safer - it also cancels out the vibrations from alternators in cars, fields from power lines, microwave ovens, televisions, hair dryers, and other electrical appliances.

Working with Kinesiology (muscle testing), pendulum and rod dowsing, Biofeedback machines and Kirlian photography (subtle energy photography); we are constantly amazed at how sensitive our living systems are and to what degree everyday living can cause stresses, as well as how we respond to simple measures to harmonise them. Most healers, in all professions, are well aware of the need to balance our energy systems against outside influences, including all manner of electromagnetic disturbances, which includes physical, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual and radiations from modern appliances.

The Ch’i Energy Disc combines a mathematical log periodic design in accord with the ‘Golden Ratio’ formula to harness and radiate Ch’i/Qi (energy), combined with the Chinese character for Chi. Together they are imprinted on a copper disc and ‘tuned’ using high level Qi Gong practices. Copper is our choice of metal, as we feel that it holds & radiates the energy the best, and has been used for centuries in the assistance of various health concerns.

The Ch’i Energy Disc may be used in the following manner:

  1. Worn around the neck, carried in a pocket or wallet/purse or pinned to clothing to give ‘subtle energy assistance’.
  2. Placed on or close to food and water to reduce negative energy residues and ‘messages’.
  3. To reduce the ‘energy blocks’ carried in plastics, rubber and synthetics and thus allow ‘subtle energy’ to flow through. Simply place it on or under them.

The ancient Chinese Sages, & Healers, Tibetan Monks and Egyptian Priests used Ch’i (Qi) as part of their everyday lives and realised that without it in harmony, illness would ensue leading to the quality of life being lessened. In modern times life is more demanding and our energetic physiology needs assistance more than ever.

Copper Disc

In some cases, when the body is in need of copper it can begin to leech it from the disc. In this case a greenish appearance will show. This is actually a beneficial sign as it shows your body is drawing copper from the disc, the green can usually be washed off easily with soap and water. If this bothers you, wear the disc with clothing seperating it from direct contact with your skin.

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