Polaris Stellar Star Light Essence Remedy

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(North Star) Feminine

The star of ‘Centred Purpose’ directs energy to find it’s centre. When your energy is scattered, this essence pulls you back to your true nature. Polaris provides an escape from the harsh realities of the material world. If your life has become “hardened” through material consciousness or there never seems to be any time for you to simply “be”. Polaris will assist you to reconnect to your true purpose and your own beautiful gentle spirit amidst the chaos. Serenity, gentleness, brings back a sense of connection & a flow into life. When we are connected to our true purpose we have this ability to “flow” with life. It is only when we are off our life path that things become “stuck” and very difficult. Polaris brings a sense of continuity and meaning.

Star Map Location for Polaris
Physical Mental Spiritual Chakras
Aches - nausea - constipation - Sexual Diseases. Plans - Beliefs, Bliss. Blessings - Purpose. Heart.

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