Quan Yin Carved in Jade - Standard - 3 cm

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This beautiful little jade carving is the equivalent of the female Buddha and it is said in ancient Chinese literature that a statue of Quan Yin hung or placed in a room has the ability to cleanse the environment of any unpleasant energies, particularly when disruption or arguments have occurred. Quan Yin is an excellent Buddha to have in a healing room to purify the atmosphere and harmonise the environment. A beautiful gift - perfect for therapists to place into their clinic, or for the home dweller seeking a "cleaner" living environment free from inharmonious energies and vibrations. Quan Yin comes with complete instructions and information, and is packaged in Emerald green. The Quan Yin carving is around 3 cm tall, with a small hole, allowing it to be hung.

Does Jade need cleansing from human vibrational concerns?

Jade is the only stone that does not need cleansing from human concerns and human energy fields. It is almost as if it is a gift from the heavens. Almost anything can take place around Jade and it remains clear, gently transmitting it's soothing and calming vibrations. It will however need cleansing from man made electromagnetic concerns (as will all crystals and gems) unless it is cleansed or kept with a Ch'i Energy disc.

How can a statue of Quan Yin make me feel better?

It is believed that a statue of Quan Yin is another remedy for correcting Sha (bad) energy especially in the case of a disruptive argument imprinting on a room. It could be space cleared and then a Jade Quan Yin placed in the room to prevent further energies imprinting It is said that by placing a staue of Quan Yin in a room, it has the ability to prevent negative energies being imprinted on the room. In Feng Shui, often people have a small Quan Yin in each room to assist in keeping the energy harmonised. The Jade Quan Yin's are good as the jade does not need cleansing from human vibrational concerns and they are small enough to carry with you when you travel or to have placed discreetely in each room. Jade Quan Yin is also believed to be a lucky amulet for travellers to keep them safe on their journeys.

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