Quartz Crystal Disintegrator

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A disintegrator is a powerful energy tools used by pranic energy healers. It consists of a clear quartz crystal which is rounded on one end and needle like on the other end, so it has the capacity to focus your intention or will with amplification. It has 8 highly polished faceted sides. They are very delicate and prone to the tip breaking off so must be handled with great care.

Disintegrators are generally used by practitioners for;

  1. Aura cleansing
  2. Amplifying prayers, wishes and positive visualizations
  3. Extracting and disintegrating negative elementals
  4. Removing negative thought forms
  5. Dispersing excess prana
  6. Chakra healing

The disintegrator is not a tool to be played with. We recommend that you have pranic understanding and training before using them, as incorrect usage can lead to chakra damage. This is due to the sharp point which focuses the prana energy they project in a very powerful way. Training for the use of disintegrators is usually only given to attendees at certain pranic healing retreats.

2 methods

They are generally used with the round base pointing upwards, and the sharp point pointing towards the floor. The practitioner then moves the disintegrator up and down close to the standing patient stands up, while commanding in your mind to remove harmful energies, thought forms or attachments. Detailed instructions appear in the Pranic Psychotherapy book, by Master Choa Kok Sui.

Some practitioners recommend with care and empathy to point the disintegrator with the needle end toward the realm in distress, but we do not recommend doing this over a chakra region as it can do more harm than good. While pointing at the distressed area, using kind calm intentionm declare the energy to be released, sending a pulse of white light using your mind. Focus a beam of predetermined colored light into the area to balance the region.

Always cleanse your disintegrator of bad energies using a Schumann Generator Disc.

Material Color Dimension Weight (g)
Clear Quartz Crystal Clear 4 - 4.5" long 20
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The crystal wand is gorgeous and a very powerful tool. For advanced healers.

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