Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator

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The Redox RingConquer a Habit or Addiction with the Assistance of this Unique Biostimulator

Massaging the fingers using the ANTISTRESS® biostimulator creates redox currents as a result of the piezoelectric skin features and catalytic activity of the biostimulator material (stainless steel with diamond processing and silver implantation). The circuit runs through your fingers to the connections in the brain and then down your other arm and back to the ring again.

An Interesting Scientific Observation Where People Stopped Smoking Instantly

What medical researchers observed in patients that had suffered brain damage in the Insular Cortex as a result of a stroke injury, was that many of them who were prior to their stroke smokers, stopped smoking instantly , having no interest in continuing their dangerous addictive habit. The Redox Antistress Ring has a similar effect, with the current entering the Insular Cortex assisting in removal of the desire to smoke.

For more information regarding this amazing scientific observation, click here.

Conquering Addiction Using Your Fingers

The Redox Antistress Ring is a useful means by which you can overcome an addiction such as smoking. As long as you have the will to stop, the ring will assist you.

What is the Redox Antistress Ring?

The Redox Ring is a biostimulator worn as a ring on your fingers, which when moved up and down between the finger tip and the palm of the hand creates a small electrical current (0.03 - 0.5 µA) by means of a redox reaction. Through "rolling" the ring along the finger using your other hand, a circuit is established as shown in the diagram, allowing the current to run to a specific area of the brain connecting with the fingers, which has also been identified as being associated with habits and addiction.

One of the areas where the nerves from our fingers connect to in the brain is known as the Insular Cortex. The Insular cortex is associated with a diverse array of complex processes, including sensation, emotional processing, motor function, language and speech processing, as well as memory.

The Insular reads body states such as hunger and craving and helps push people into reaching for the next sandwich, cigarette or line of cocaine. So insular research offers new ways to think about treating drug addiction, alcoholism, anxiety and eating disorders.

The Insular Cortex
The Insular Cortex. The yellow section in the diagram above shows the Insular Cortex and its association with desire.

Other advantages to wearing the Redox Antistress Ring

Redox Antistress Ring

The redox current created by the ring has a number of additional advantages useful to the wearer including;

  • stimulation of intellectual activity
  • increasing adaptability to new environments
  • alleviation of tiredness
  • the ability to deal with stress more easily
  • improved memory, intuition and reaction
  • the ability to adapt to magnetic storms

Through using the ring on a regular basis, your joints will also become loosened to help and/or prevent arthritis. Note: The ring must never remain on your finger without movement and should be kept out of reach of children.

Additional Therapeutic Advantages of Finger Massage 

Each finger represents one of the acupuncture meridians associated with inner organs and so the ring can stimulate your organs.

  • massage of the thumb: prevention and treatment of lung diseases.
  • massage of the pointer finger: regulate intestine functions.
  • massage of the middle finger: blood-pressure normalization, improvement of memory and sexual performance.
  • massage of the fourth finger: improvement of your locomotor system.
  • massage of the little finger: treatment and prevention of arrhythmia and heart-pains, development of intuition, decrease nervous tension and treatment of chronic constipation.

If You Have a Strong Wish to Stop Smoking

The gymnastics with physiological Redox currents with the Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator will let you get rid of your psychological smoking dependence. A new habit, the finger massage, will change the old one from smoking. Instead of a cigarette, take the Redox Biostimulator into your hands. To do this you must always have it with you.

If You Have Decided to Get Rid of Excess Weight

The gymnastics with physiological Redox currents with the Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator will help to change a bad habit, overeating, for a good one, finger massage. Try to move more, and use Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator any time you feel hungry. Ensure that you observe the following points;

  • Eat less fatty food
  • Eat less complex carbohydrates
  • Have a diet day once a week - 1 kg of apples or 1 litre of yoghurt, or 200 g of curd cheese and 1 glass of sour cream, or 200 g of low-fat meat and 200 g of bullion a day.

A Redox Chemical Reaction ExampleWhat is a Redox Reaction?

Redox is a term used in chemistry to describe "reduction-oxidation". It describes a reversible chemical reaction where one reaction is an oxidation (loss of electrons) and the reverse is a reduction (gaining of electrons). An example of this is shown in the redox diagram to the right.

In recent times, scientists have observed an interesting phenomenon where if one walks barefoot on grass, a series of physiological redox reactions occur. In studying this, a whole new area and direction in preventative medicine has opened up, namely - gymnastics with natural redox currents. This is the basis on how the Redox Antistress® Ring Biostimulator was discovered.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Stainless steel with diamond processing and silver implantation Silver 1" / 2.5cm Diameter (flexibility allows ring to  stretch by 2-3 times) 0.015 / 7
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I'm still waiting for the arrival of my parcel.


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I found I was continuously searching online for articles and things that could assist me in stopping smoking. I found that the Redox Ring was the perfect tool for me - with persistence it really worked!

H D.

"I use it twice a day and my main reason for getting it was to help reduce my blood pressure. I have managed to half my B P medication and I am maintaining good readings, but as I am meditating and using a portable sauna as well I can't say that it was the ring that did it but I am sure it is helping. I have noticed that the joints on my little fingers are no longer sore and that is definitely from using the ring biostimulator.

GF Cathedral City CA U.S.A

I am delighted with the results I continue to receive. At first I could barely stand the rotation motion, and then everything shifted and I can process each finger however long I want...THE TOES ARE ANOTHER MATTER! I am still very tender, but building up to them. I was also amazed at how quickly you processed my order and I received it. I have directed so many friends to your website. Many say they want to contact you

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