Rigil Kentaurus Stellar Star Light Essence Remedy

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Rigil Kentaurus

(Alpha Centauri) Masculine - Alpha 1 Cen’

The star of ‘Interdimensional Understanding’ allows communication with other life forms. Assists to remove barriers that prevent understanding of higher vibrational intelligences. Beneficial for those who are dedicated to following their spiritual path & the path of highest guidance. Those who are not afraid to take the step into the next “level of consciousness”. This essence may test up when you have completed a stage of learning and are ready to step forth into the new/next state of being. An excellent essence for advancement of the mind and the intuition.

Star Map Location for Rigil Kentaurus
Physical Elements Mental Soul Spiritual Chakras
Cuts - Broken bones - Sores - Pains - Coughing - Nausea - Vomiting - Blurred Vision - Asthma - Flu. Water and Wood. Peace - Plans - Beliefs. Journey - Here and Now. Deities - Universal/Light -  Healing.

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