Spiritual Energy Disc: Hypno Spiral

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Ready to have some fun? This is the disc for you. This is a fun, light-hearted disc that will help to take you deeper into meditations. It’s also a great disc to facilitate spirit guide communication. It is advised that you use this disc while meditating. You can place it on your forehead, abdomen, or another part of your body. Just prior to beginning your meditation set your intention. Do you have a question you want answered? Do you want to experience astral projection? Are you looking for guidance or clarity? Formulate your question and then dive deep into meditation. The disc will help you to go deeper in a shorter period of time. Make sure that you have pen and paper near you. You will want to jot down the communications before they slip away. Beginners can use this disc but it is most powerful for people that have experience meditating and are looking to take it to the next level.

Size: 3 inch diameter.

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Dorothy M.

Very happy with my new disc.

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