Tao Stellar Star Light Essence Remedy

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This is the Master Essence from which all things manifest and as such it monitors and protects the other nine Stellar Essences. This essence does not have a motivating or passive force but rather defines the enigmatic quality of the Chinese understanding and philosophy of the ‘Tao’ by presenting an omnipresent ‘field’. In the ‘west’ we would say that this is not possible although the ‘Tao’ knows all and sees all, and so when you require the support of Tao essence, it is showing you the ‘Way’. When you are lost on your journey and cannot find your way clear is when the ‘Tao’ essence is required. Also when you are in the midst of ‘evil’ or energies and situations that are not safe, this essence protects and guides. ‘Tao’ essence assists you to pay karmic debt & create ‘good’ karmic actions. To break free of conditioning, a great asset in troubled times. This essence may test up after using one or more of the others to ‘seal’ the balance. As the Tao is the culminative effect of all essences and state of being it may well be used in combination with many methods of natural health & healing Good for children, the elderly and animals as well as adults. It guides, protects, supports & assists to bring in beneficial changes, transformation & embracing a new state of being. In a Feng Shui application this essence will assist in personal EMF protection, negating the harmful effects on the subtle bodies of the environmental factors.

Meridian Mental Soul Spiritual Feng Shui
Heart. Conditioning. Pain. Tao. EMF’s (self).
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Mia C.

Very happy with my purchase.

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