Tektite Tumbled Gemstone

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Tektite is known as the telepathy gemstone because it increase psychic abilities, especially the ability to communicate with others at a distance through telepathy.

The word tektite comes from the Greek word "tektos" which means molten, which perfectly fits this fabulous gemstone because they are formed when the high heat associated with meteorite as they hit the earth causes the remaining particles of the meteorite and the ground it impacts to melt together, forming a glassy mass of the various minerals involved. But strangely enough, rarely are any mineral crystals found within the tektites. One can only assume this is due to the exceptionally high heat under which the tektite are formed basically burning up the mineral crystals.

Many believe that by meditating with a tektite, your ability to communicate telepathically will increase in regards to the amount of time the tektite remains in your personal energy field.

Experimentation is being done by placing two similar size and shape tektites within a crystal vortex for varying amounts of time ranging from 1 week to 1 year. The resulting charged tektites are then considered a mated pair and are use by two people at distant locations to communicate via telepathy. Should you decide to continue this research, it is important that you keep accurate records of your experimentation which should include, date, times, local weather at both locations, how each experimenter is feeling prior to and after the trials and any additional information that might factor into the results.

It is thought that by carrying a tektite in your pocket or as a necklace so that it stays within the aura on a regular basis, that your psychic abilities will be increased. This possibly has something to do with the ability for tektites to increase energy.

Tektites are known as good luck stones, especially in India where it is considered a sacred stone. Simply keep one in your pocket or purse or wear it on a string around your neck to enjoy the benefits.

Can be used by healers and energy workers to clear and unblock the lower chakras. This can be accomplished by placing the tektite directly on the patient's chakras one at a time or by slowing moving the tektite above the patients chakras and sweeping the blocked energy out to the side and away from the patient.

Adds power to any type of magic as it provides a direct connect with the universal energies. It can be placed on an altar while performing magic, added to a mojo bag, or a series of tektites can be used in a crystal vortex to charge objects.

Tektites can help remove fear from people and situations making it a possible stone to help those suffering from depression brought on by fear.

When someone is ill whether from a major illness or just a bout of the flu, placing a tektite within their auric field can help to strengthen the body to fight off the illness.

Believed by some to help connect your personal thoughts and energies with alien beings from other planets.

Work is being investigated by some on the ways in which tektites help in astral travel and lucid dreaming.

Size (mm): 20 - 37mm (width, thickness, shape and color does vary and is not necessarily the same as the crystal shown in the picture).

Weight (g): 7 - 23g

Vibrates to number Astrological Signs Chakra
9 Aries and Cancer All
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