The Amazing Crystal Garden - Grow Your Own Crystals

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Grow Your Own Crystals

This kit gives you everything you need to run a safe scientific experiment in your own home where you can grow crystals, clear or colored. Simply add vinegar and watch the crystals grow over a few days. Add food coloring to grow colored crystals. Fun for children and adults alike! Makes a great gift idea.


1 Put Rocks into smalt dish, all together If you want them all the same color, or a separate dish for each color.   
2 Pour enough distilled white vinegar (from grocery store) to just cover the rocks as shown in the picture. Do not top up with any more vinegar than that. Crystal garden instructions 1 
3 Leave dish in a safe place in a WARM room (A windowsill is NOT generally warm).  
4 Your crystals will begin to grow within 2 days, but can take up to 2 weeks. Growth will continue until all vinegar has evaporated. Once you have a good crop of crystals, but before all the vinegar has evaporated, add a drop of food coloring of your choice to the vinegar. This will gradually seep into the crystals. With a selection of colorings, you will soon have your own colorful 'Crystal Garden’. Crystal garden instructions 2
When all the vinegar has evaporated, do not add more vinegar. Leave for seven more days allowing the rocks and crystals to dry and harden. Remember to handle them carefully.
Crystal garden instructions 3

Advice for Supervising Adult and Safety Rules

  1. Keep younger children and animals away from the experimental area.
  2. Do read the instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.
  3. The supervising adult should discuss the warnings and safety information with the child before commencing the experiment. Particular attention should be paid to the safe handling of vinegar.
  4. The incorrect use of chemicals can cause injury and damage to health. Only conduct the experiment given in the instructions.
  5. The area surrounding the experiment should be kept clear of any obstructions and away from the storage of food. It should be well lit and ventilated and close to a water supply. A solid table with a chemical resistant top should be used.
  6. Do not allow vinegar to come in contact with the eyes. Do always wear eye protection.
WARNING: Not Suitable For Children Under 5 Years, due to small parts. Keep away from pets. PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for children under 60 months due to small parts. Adult supervision required for children under 14. Read the instructions before use and retain for reference. Do not allow chemicals to come in contact with any part of the body, particularly the eyes. The experiment should be run in a well-ventilated area close to a water supply and in a position where it cannot be spilled by animals or small children.