Therapeutic Copper Bracelet with Magnets

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How Copper Bracelets Work

Most copper bracelets are designed to not close completely. The small opening between the ends of the bracelet creates positive and negative magnetic fields that are supposed to help energy flow through the body. In addition, the body absorbs small amounts of copper into the blood stream when the bracelet is worn.

Copper Deficiency

The human body needs copper to function. Scientists have discovered that the body needs a healthy ratio of copper to zinc in the blood stream. If there is too much zinc and not enough copper, many different health problems can result. The problem is that the body does not need very much copper and even low doses of a copper supplement can be too much. Also, copper supplements that are taken orally can wreak havoc on the digestive system. For this reason, copper bracelets are a good option for people with a copper deficiency. The copper is absorbed directly into the blood stream and in smaller doses, helping to keep the delicate balance of zinc to copper in the body.

How Copper Aids the Body

In the blood stream, copper binds together with enzymes. These enzymes are used to aid in the creation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is necessary for the body to repair and heal itself. Therefore copper is a vital part of the body's immune system. Without it, the immune system is not working to its full potential. Wearing a copper bracelet can help achieve a healthier immune system.

Copper and Cardiovascular Disease

A deficiency of copper has been linked to high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes many issues, including damage to arteries and aneurysms. Wearing a copper bracelet has been proven to help lower blood pressure. Of course, high blood pressure can not be controlled by just wearing a copper bracelet. Proper diet and exercise are also necessary, along with following any doctor's orders.


One of the most common claims of the copper bracelet for hundreds of years has been that copper bracelets cure joint pain from conditions like arthritis. This was generally accepted for a long time but along the way doctors and scientists began to doubt the truth behind this claim. However, in 1983, Australian doctors G.R. Struthers and D.L Scott from the St. George Hospital conducted studies on different alternative methods for relieving arthritis pain. Their results showed that arthritis sufferers noticed significant relief from joint pain when wearing copper bracelets. While they are not exactly sure why, their research showed that using copper bracelets does help relieve arthritis pain. They concluded that doctors should consider copper bracelets along with other treatment methods for arthritis pain.

Includes 6 magnets for additional therapeutic benefits ........

Magnets have been used all over the world for thousands of years and believed to possess healing powers. When magnets are placed on the human body, the magnetic field penetrates the skin tissues and bones. As blood contains iron, it acts as a conductor of magnetic energy in helping to increase the flow of blood and, therefore, increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. This assists the growth of healthy new cells and initiates the body to heal itself by its natural ability.

The use of North facing magnetic orientation to the body is widely considered to give the best magnetic benefits as the North polarity produces a stronger magnetic field effect resulting in better penetration to the skin.

Black Magnet


The effects of magnets are said to provide relief in the treatment of many ailments for various people. The benefits are:

  • Stimulates the body's natural healing power
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Raises oxygen levels
  • Speeds up metabolism of body cells
  • Removes harmful toxins
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
  • Controls swelling
  • Reduces water retention
  • Relieves fatigue and tiredness
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Slows down ageing


If large quantities of copper are ingested, copper toxicity may result. It is unlikely that copper toxicity will result from the use of copper bracelets alone; however, the risk of toxicity is increased when bracelets are combined with copper mineral supplements and exposure to fungicides and pesticides. According to the MedlinePlus website, symptoms of copper toxicity include nausea, vomiting, digestive discomfort, metallic taste, yellow skin and eyes, depression, anorexia and muscle weakness.

When wearing a copper bracelet, it is common to experience mild to moderate skin irritation as well as skin discoloration. According to an article published in "The British Medical Journal" in 1998, copper salts are natural irritants to human skin. Itchiness, redness and discomfort may result from short-term use, and in some rare cases, people may experience sensitivity or allergy to either copper or other ionic metals found within the bracelet. If your skin becomes inflamed and itchy, remove the bracelet immediately and discontinue its use.

Material Color Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Copper and 6 Magnets Copper Diameter: Varies - Can be easily bent open or shut. Suitable for Small or Large Wrists. When fully opened, bangle measures 160mm long end to end.
Bracelet band width: 0.85
Bracelet Band Thickness: 0.1
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Never received item

Item was never received, will never try to purchase again

anthony d.


I just received this item in the mail. The bracelet is pretty, with a shiny mirror finish. Other copper bracelets I've had in the past had a dull look. So it remains to be seen how well it will work for my purposes.

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Love these copper bracelets. They are not only beautiful but they help to diminish the pain of the arthritis in my hands.  The package came quickly and in wonderful shape.  I would recommend to anyone who has arthritis in their hands to give these lovely copper bracelets a go.

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