Vega Stellar Star Light Essence Remedy

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Masculine - Alpha Lyra

The star of ‘Divine Love’ cleans away ‘evil’ & opens the doors to Spiritual counsel. A strong remover of negativity’s and blockages to Divine Light. Brings a sense of spiritual ecstasy, connection and harmony. Opens the heart to give and receive love in the highest possible manner. May bring a sense of bliss when used, especially in the heart. As such it is an excellent tool for those working with Tantric energies and also for those working/living in a realm where a high sense of spiritual love is required (e.g., counsellors, spiritual development, teachers, care givers).

Star Map Location for Vega
Physical Element Meridians Mental Soul Spiritual Chakras
Burns - Headaches - Diarrhoea - Bleeding - Sexual Diseases. Metal. Central - Governing. Confusion - Strain - Ideas -  Conditioning. Pain - Responsibility - Overwhelm. Buddha - Christ - Universal Law - Universal Love - Divine Love - Service - Purpose - Counsel. Solar - Base.

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