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The 3 minutes a day that can change your life.

Traditionally the Sanskrit word Yoga refers to a notion of 'uniting' or 'drawing together'. In the broadest sense the purpose of Yoga in Eastern culture is the attempt to link the Individual Self with the Universal Self. In this way Yoga practice concerns itself with restoring and maintaining the balance between body, mind and spirit.

Yoga originated as part of the Vedic sciences which were passed down from ancient mystics. Yogic postures were shown on stone seals found in India, dating 3,000 BC and Yoga is referred to in Hindu Scriptures from before 2,500 BC. The Hatha Yoga Pradpika is the classical text describing asana (postures) and breathing exercises which are the basis of most Yoga practices today.

To benefit from Yoga one does not necessarily have to embrace any philosophical or religious concepts.

Many people experience significant improvement in well-being by incorporating just a few minutes of Yoga exercise every day.

This Decoder is aimed at people who want to benefit from Yoga without much study or effort. Thirty six postures are shown and explained. Most of them are very easy to execute and suitable for beginners and people who have little time. Many of the exercises can be performed at home, in the office or even in the car. Physical flexibility and fitness is not a precondition. Investing three minutes a day into this ancient knowledge will produce immediate and lasting results which include significant improvement in well being, concentration, creativity and inter-personal attitudes.

Keep this Decoder close by to energise, relax and calm yourself with a quick Yoga exercise.

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Laura H.

I find having this is very useful as a reference for all the yoga that I do.

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