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Nazar Boncuk and the Seven Glass Elephants


Nazar Boncuk and the Seven Glass Elephants

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Nazar Boncuk and the Seven Glass Elephants

Also known as The Blue Eye of Protection and Seven Elephants for Success and Protection ...

Here we have 7 glass elephants, from small to large, attached to what is known in Turkey as Nazar Boncuk, or the evil eye. The smallest elephant is at the top, and measures 2.7 cm across, whereas the largest is at the bottom and measures 3.5 cm.

Nazar Boncuk, the Evil Eye Amulet 

For hundreds of years the 'Evil Eye', also known as Nazar Boncuk in Turkey, was used as an amulet to ward off evil intentions such as envy and misfortune. It is still commonly seen in Turkey in offices and homes, and is used in jewellery, including for babies, on vehicles, doors, horses and even cell phones.

It is typically hand made from glass, and is composed of concentric circles or droplet shapes – from inside out: dark blue (or black), light blue, white and black and is sometimes referred to as the blue eye

The String of Seven Elephants 

The string of seven Elephants combined with the Nazar Boncuk symbolises a successful outcome for all your efforts.

Presented in a gift box the Nazar Boncuk and Seven Glass Elephants makes an ideal unique gift for loved ones or friends alike.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
(Incl Packaging)
Glass Blue and White 7.9 x 1.6 / 20 x 4.0 4.0 / 114


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