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Great Mother Labyrinth Window Sticker






Great Mother Labyrinth Window Sticker

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Outside the inner Labyrinth is a ring of 13 moons in phases, denoting the 13 moon cycles in a year. A ring of prehistoric Goddess images forms a mandala around the moons. 4 " Round; Printed both sides.

This particular labyrinth was found on every continent, including Siberia, Arizona USA, Peru, Africa. India and Scandinavia. It is probably 5,000 years old, and is also known as the Cretan Labyrinth. It's form is similar to the shape of the human brain. Each Goddess is framed in a mandorla or "vesica piscies" shape, an ancient symbol of the yoni, the source of feminine creative power. At the feet of the Goddesses are symbols for the four directions and elements of Air (east), Fire (south), Water (west) and Earth (north). The outer ring of mandala petals holds the Western astrological symbols.

Artwork by Amara Karuna

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