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World Goddess Window Sticker






World Goddess Window Sticker

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12 Goddess images from around the world, the globe and a moon cycle in a lovely mandala. 4" round; Printed on one side

Clockwise from the top:

  1. Inanna: Sumerian Queen of heaven and earth, Goddess of all nourishment and fertility.
  2. Nile Bird Goddess: Representative of vitality and joy, also connected to death as a funerary deity.
  3. Lilith: Sumerian dark mother Goddess, Original Consort of Adam
  4. Una: Green Goddess- from a Petroglyph from Arnhem Land, Australia. This Plant goddess holds a rainbow snake
  5. Peruvian Goddess: In a classic breast offering pose, South America
  6. Aku'aba: African good luck charm for protection, fertility, good fortune.
  7. Goddess of Kostienki: A goddess of fertility, Russia 23,000-21,000 BC
  8. Changing Woman: Eternal earth Goddess of the Navaho people
  9. Rhiannon: Beautiful Celtic Queen of the underworld
  10. Pele Honua Mea: Hawai'ian Goddess of volcanos and fire
  11. Tara: ancient earth and star Goddess, Tibetan image
  12. Quan Yin: Buddhist. Goddess of compassion

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World Goddess Window Sticker

World Goddess Window Sticker

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