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Reed Aroma Diffusers

Reed DiffusersReed diffusers are a popular means of fragrancing any room. The reed diffuser is smoke free, wax free, mess free, and flame free. The simple elegance of the reed diffuser design enhances the aesthetics of any room environment.

The reed diffuser releases a refreshing fragrance for months at a time and can be placed almost anywhere, even in the office.

A popular place for locating a reed diffuser in the home is in the toilet, an ideal place for dealing with unpleasant undours.

About Reed Diffusers

The reed diffuser or aroma diffuser delivers fragrance with a distinct yet simple wicking system of reeds. Fragranced liquid seeps up through the reeds of the reed diffuser sticks allowing scent to fill the room.

The ease of use and minimal maintenance and care have made the reed diffusers the most popular product in room fragrance.

A Reed Diffuser consists of

  1. A vessel generally made of glass for its aesthetic appeal. This holds the diffuser fragrance and reed diffuser sticks inside.
  2. The diffuser fragrance. This is a special blend of fragrance and/or essential oils blended with diffuser base designed to disperse fragrance through a room.
  3. Reed diffuser sticks. The reed diffuser sticks allow the aroma fragrance to be drawn up through the sticks via tiny holes and dispersed through the room.

Advantages of a Reed Diffuser or Aroma Diffuser

  • No Flame or Heat: Unlike candles, the reed diffuser has no flame to worry about. This makes the reed diffuser a safer alternative to candles.
  • No Going Out: with incense or candles the aroma is temporary relying on active lighting. The reed diffuser lasts all day and night. The only monitoring a reed diffuser needs is a weekly turning of the reeds.
  • No Smoke: incense is nice but the smoke is not so wonderful. The reed diffuser achieves the same purpose but without any smoke.
  • No Wax or Mess: incense has ashes, candles have wax, the reed diffuser has neither.
  • No Aerosols: unlike sprayed scents, the reed diffusers does not use aerosols.
  • No Electric Power: you can place a reed diffuser anywhere without having to rely on an outlet or change batteries.
  • No Heat: heated fragrances like plug-ins may actually damage the fragrance while the reed diffuser protects the integrity of the oils.

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