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Wholesale and Affiliate Resellers

At Natures Energies, you have the choice of becoming a wholesale customer, or an affiliate. Wholesale customs get the best prices for reselling, but need to purchase larger quantities to get the wholesale prices, whereas an affiliate gets a 15% discount code, and can purchase single items. To qualify for being an affiliate, you need to have already purchased at least $250 of goods from Natures Energies at regular retail prices.

Option 1 - Affiliate Reseller

  • 15% Discount on most goods
  • Qualify after purchasing minimum $250 at normal retail price from Natures Energies
  • We carry the stock
  • We send the goods with your invoice to your customer. You can set your own retail prices

To Apply as an Affiliate Reseller, click here.

Here's How it works

Affiliate Program

Option 2 - Wholesale Customer

  • Best discount (much better than affiliate) on goods shown below
  • You carry the stock
  • You send the goods to your customer and set your own retail prices.

Here's How it Works

All of the products shown below display retail pricing. If you have access to wholesale pricing, wholesale pricing will be displayed after you have logged in. You can then place your order for the products at wholesale pricing through our normal online shopping cart system.

To access wholesale pricing, you need to;

  1. If you have wholesale access, click on My Account in the top right corner of this page (scroll up if necessary), then click on Sign In to login. After you have done this return to this page.
  2. To apply for wholesale access, click here.
  3. Click on any of the products shown below. You will then be able to see wholesale pricing with the higher quantity discounts made available only for customers with wholesale access.

Wholesale pricing requires the customer to purchase multiple items to get the wholesale prices. In the example below a regular customer sees pricing shown on the left whereas a wholesale customer sees pricing shown in the example on the right;

Regular Customer PricingWholesale Sale Customer Pricing  



- 10%

$US72.95   $US65.95

- 50%

$US39.95   $US19.95

- 14%

$US69.95   $US59.95

- 12%

$US225.00   $US199.00