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EMR Area Neutralizer Dome

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  • Useful for the work office with a lot of electrical EMR
  • Place at the center of the area where geopathic stress protection is needed
  • Around a 8M radius harmonization zone

The Area Neutralizer Dome is a powerful solid state negative ion generator and is our second most powerful product (first being the Geoclense device). The Area Neutralizer Dome harmonizes Geopathic Stress and all forms of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) including wireless technology which is otherwise debilitating to one's health and well being.

The Area Neutralizer Dome covers a whole house, medium for more specific room to room clearing and small for point clearing of sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) such as electrical wiring, power boards, power points and electrical and electronic appliances. Use the Area Neutralizer Dome to neutralize water vanes, and curry lines.

The Area Neutralizer is the only product available to date which can deal with dangerous orgonite products from which orgone devices were once made prior to orgonium being discovered in more recent times. Orgonium is far safer. All of our orgone energy products are made from Orgonium.

The Area Neutralizer Dome will harmonize an area the size of a three bedroom home. 

The Area Neutralizer will harmonize an area of around 8M radius, and is used by many people for small flats, units or for the work office containing many computers or electrical equipment. For homes consisting of more than 2 bedrooms, the Geoclense device is recommended. 

Note: No longer available in Green.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Resin Green  2.9" Diameter x 1.2" High / 7.5 cm Diameter x 3.2 cm High 3.6 / 101
Brings a calm energy into the environment at work and at home. Normally aggressive people have calmed down and are more loving around me. This is a wonderful feeling and I like the results. I plan on using it continuously in my work space and at home, where it will help bring harmonious energy, more peace and love.

I have recieved the product in good condition and in time .Before the energy was hyperactive in my house now it seems to settle down, i still need more time to come to conclusion.

The Orgone Area Dome Neutralizer Is a "game changing" energy product. Once introduced into an area, it generates the feel of calming, balancing, harmonizing it noticeably.

Actually, one may detect that with this "feel" of calm, balance,
and harmony, events and situations in one's life may also tend to "round out" more smoothly, since what one feels, perceives and thinks shapes ones personal reality that takes shape in life.

Try it.... bring it into your life, and see if it is a "game changer" for you!

Thank you for sending my order promptly - I have received it in good condition. I am very happy with my latest purchase from Nature's Energies and confidently rate the area neutralizer product as 4 for GOOD. I have noticed a much calmer energy flowing in my household since I have installed the neutralizer.

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Question I have ordered the plug in Geoclense and wonder if there would be any benefit to also having the area neutralizer dome on the table where we have two computers sitting.

If you have the Geoclense, then you have he most powerful device possible and it would not be necessary to have the dome as all of the electrical and electronics in both computers would be harmonized by the Geoclense.

Question I still have some older orgonite cupcakes I had bought in the past in my house. Is it O.K. to still keep them in and around my house?

It is ok to keep the orgonite pieces in your home if you feel comfortable with them. The area neutralizer will be harmonizing them. We do however normally recommend that people remove them from their homes as they are harmful in terms of creating a stress on the bodily organs, but the area neutralizer will harmonize them minimizing this effect. Without the area neutralizer, we would definitely recommend that they be removed.