Crystal Art

Natures Energies now carries an extensive range of 3D crystal art pieces. Have a look at the range available below. Each piece is made using multiple lasers on a flawless crystal base.

How are Crystal Laser Images Made?

When a laser hits glass or stone, something interesting happens: it fractures. Pores in the surface expose natural grains and crystalline "stubs" which, when heated very quickly, can separate a microscopic sized "chip" from the surface because the hot piece is expanding relative to its surroundings. 3D engraving works by crossing 2 laser beams. Only at the crossover point of the 2 lasers is the energy high enough to create an effect, so this lets the computer the controls the 2 lasers define very precisely the point in the crystal where it becomes opaque. The opaque point occurs due to a tiny fracture. The entire image is effectively an arrangement of these tiny internal fractures, creating a beautiful piece of art.