Renascent Gem Essences

Renascent Gem Essence Remedies

Human Body Chakras Correspondence of the Chakras to the various Gem EssencesThe Renascent Gem essences are a range of specially prepared vibrational remedies, which are used to alleviate mild emotional conditions. Gem essences work on a similar basis to homeopathic and flower essence remedies, using the subtle vibrations of gems and stones to effect a positive transition in one's emotional or spiritual life. We believe that the Renascent range of Gem essence remedies are the most effective available today, mainly due to the advanced techniques used to prepare them (Tesla based in principle), which ensure a minimum contamination of remedies. There are many imitation gem essence remedies available, which carry weakly charged remedies, often contaminated with vibrations collected in transit from mine to gem essence manufacturer. Purity is assured with the Renascent range of gem essences!

The source of information contained in the list of available gem essences is based on personal perspective of Lesley Antonoff (the founder of Renascent), as well as reports from a wide range of people (collected over an 8 year period), who use the essences. These remedies, being vibrational in nature have not been tested scientifically, and no such claims are made for them.Please ensure that you seek the advice of a professional therapist if you are ill! The gem essence remedies are intended as a program for self improvement only, although it is advised that you seek advice from a therapist familiar with the remedies prior to purchasing.

How do I work out which remedies are for me?

Search Write down a few key words describing emotional problems which you may be experiencing e.g., Hurt, relationship, decision and energy. Use the find function on your browser (ctrl-F) to check this page for existence of the key words from this point - within a few minutes, you'll find the remedies which you need to help you through the current issues in your life! For a more thorough assessment of your needs, use Flowerbase, the computer package for flower and gem essence therapists.