Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich - Discoverer of Orgone EnergyOrgone Energy can be described as a life force which permeates all living entities. Orgone is the name for which Wilhelm Reich (pictured right) labeled the "substratum from which all nature is created".

Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian-American psychiatrist as well as a psychoanalyst. In the 1920s, he did extensive research into the nature of this invisible omnipotent life force, and he found he was able to attract Orgone energy through combining organic hydrocarbons and inorganic substances in alternating layers. Various materials were tested including organic substances such as oils, resins, cottons, as well as inorganic substances such as metal filings and other minerals. Different layered combinations of these materials resulted in the Schumann, Orgone, or life force creating devices which are available today.

Deadly Orgone Radiation

Deadly Orgone Radiation is created when electromagnetic pollution or EMF radiation permeates the sensitive life force energy surrounding us. It becomes agitated and is eventually killed off all together. Electromagnetic pollution comes from anything electrical, including power lines, refrigerators (the electrical motor in a refrigerator incidentally contributes to the food going off), TVs, even the motor in your car, resulting in us feeling Electromagnetic stress.

Smart Meters are being installed in electrical meter boxes and water meters domestically worldwide. This has caused considerable concern to many people as the meters generate microwave energy to transmit readings. The Stellar Dome and Geoclense have been tested with the Smart Meters and both do harmonize the microwave radiation created by Smart Meters, thereby providing protection from smart meters.

Smart Meters are Polluting your home with Microwave RadiationRead the article Your Smart Meter Could be Adversely Affecting your Health and see what the American Academy of Environmental Medicine says.

This results in us feeling agitated, or unexplained anger. If we are repeatedly exposed to Deadly Orgone Radiation, we will experience headaches, dullness, lethargy, insomnia and eventually degenerative diseases.

Note that the mobile phone tends to give off a very aggressive form of radiation, yet we hold it up to our ear next to our brain to interfere with our sensitive brain waves.

Orgone energy producing devices do not require batteries, nor do they need to be recharged. There are many different devices available made from different substances, by different builders, but the ones that we use and sell at Natures Energies are hand made by a Geomancy specialist that builds such devices. We have used other Orgone energy devices in the past but they have proven much less effective as shown by the drinking water test described below. The specialist that we use refers to the Orgone devices that he builds as "Schumann Generators".

A Schumann Generator differs from other Orgone Energy Devices in that it generates a far higher, cleaner resonance over a much larger area. It also doubles as a solid state negative ion generator bringing additional health benefits.

Dangerous 5G Network Radiation

Both the Stellar Dome and the Geoclense will harmonize 5G microwave radiation, rendering it safe to the human body. You can read the real facts about 5G radiation in this article by Gerard Bini, the developer.

Uses and Applications of Orgone Energy (Life Force) Producing Devices

There are a variety of ways in which Orgone Energy devices can be utilized including but not limited to the following;


From a metaphysical view point, a Schumann Generator has the capacity of keeping negative entities such as succubus, incubus, reptilians and Drakonians away. They are also used by geomancers to dissolve "death imprints" (the point in a home where someone has previously died), spirit lines (which emanate from the death imprints) or to remove ghosts. If there is a ghost attached to the imprint or to the line, the Schumann generator device will assist the ghost in moving on to higher dimensions as a corporal being rather than being earth bound (achieved via the embedded program within the generator which addresses the etheric state of the ethereal being). Lets have a closer look at the different types of geopathic stress that exist. The Stellar Dome device which is the most advanced of the Schumann generators is the only device known to date that will eliminate the negative effects resulting from every form of geopathic stress known. By reading about the Stellar Dome and Geoclense, you can read about every form of geopathic stress that is known to exist.

The remedy to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) - should we select shielding or should we modify the radiation we are exposed to?

For over 20 years, we have examined various devices which manufacturers claim either shields or alters EMR, making it safer for the body. In the 1990s a compound called orgonite was developed and it was found to produce orgone energy, and partially lowered the dangerous effects of radiation. Various devices such as pyramids and pendants were made into various artistic pieces and were found at various shows, websites and in some specialty stores. Over time, geomancers with a more sensitive nature concluded that orgonite caused more harm than good, yet these products are still sold globally and manufacturers are unaware of the potential dangers of orgonite thinking they are doing more good than harm. Our own observations led us to the orgonium devices displayed below. These devices in our opinion are the most effective, and the safest products on the market globally, and we receive positive feedback regarding his products regularly.

Why is orgonium considered safer than orgonite when generate orgone energy?

Orgonium and orgonite are both energy materials used to generate orgone energy. Orgonite was firstly developed in the 1990s and is still mainstream, but orgonium is becoming a lot more well known as it is a lot safer. Orgonite formula is known by everyone, whereas the orgonium energy formula is known only by one person, and there are many that would like to know how it is made but it is kept safe for obvious commercial reasons. Orgonite generates pulses of orgone energy like a capacitor does in electronics, and the frequency that it releases this energy is unsafe for the human aura. This is shown by people who are sensitive to these types of energy who cannot touch orgonite. Orgonium on the other hand releases orgone as a constant, with no pulsing, and the same people who can't feel orgonite like the feel they get from orgonium. It has been shown in testing to work a lot better in the short and long term for health.

Click here to read the story on how the orgonium class of products were developed.

In the last year or so, we have had many people writing to us saying that they have purchased a geoclense, and when they use an EMF meter to check for radiation levels, there is no change whatsoever. They often question is the unit working at all? The answer is yes! A Geoclense will not actually shield radiation, but it will alter the frequency making it safer for human organs (in fact so safe there is no negative effect on the body whatsoever which is scientifically confirmed by medical diagnostic equipment such as bicom, MORA, and Orion Electro Dermal Biofeedback which measures stress on organs).

Some people have compared the Stellar Dome and Geoclense with an EMR radiation shield, and observation shows that the shield lowers radiation, but NEVER clears it completely. A shield will work "diluting" the radiation by spreading it, and thus lowering the gauss, or EMR concentration, and this is shown on an EMF meter. The problem is that it might be lowered, but it is still at a dangerous frequency to the human body. This is confirmed by kinesiologists through simple tests. Beware of cowboys or professors armed with EMF meters as they are leading to scientific conclusions, but we can show that the lowered radiation levels are still dangerous to our health.

The other point is where there has been a source of EMR, and when that source has been removed, there is always an imprint which remains. This can be shown by switching on a toaster in an area where it is not normally used. Feel the area with your hand before you place the toaster in a specific area, switch it on, leave it for a while then switch it off and then remove the toaster from that area. Feel the area where the toaster was switched on and feel the subtle difference with your hand - the area that you feel is known as an imprint. The Stellar Dome and Geoclense are the ONLY devices known that can remove such imprints.

The conclusion is that it is not possible to completely block radiation (unless we go to extraordinary steps), but we can alter the radiation making it completely safe to the human body. This is possible using the devices available through Natures Energies. Particularly the Stellar Dome and Geoclense, the Schumann generators, as well as the orgone pendant and phone harmonizers which are all orgonium products.

One question we are commonly asked is how to protect our children at school if we are unable to plug a geoclense into the school building? Once solution to this is using the Stellar Dome. Watch the short video to the right with the developer of the stellar dome discussing this point.

Note: When considering a system to protect yourself and your family, we recommend purchasing both the Stellar Dome and Geoclense which synergistically work together to form a more powerful system than if you purchase only one of these devices.

  • Removal of dangerous EMF fields in ones home or workplace.
  • Recharge foods or drinks with life force (this is easily observed by filling a glass with water, and then drinking some of the water observing the flavor. The glass of water is then placed on a Schumann generator and the flavor compared. Many comment that it is a lot "softer" and more palatable (This will only work outside the field of a Stellar Dome or Geoclense as the Stellar Dome is now programmed to also complete the same function as the Water Rejuvenator Disc)).
  • Better hydration of the cells in your body with water charged with Orgone energy, and surface tension of water effectively reduced.
  • Improved flavors in foods and wines.
  • In geomancy, Schumann generators can be used to counter geopathic stress, resulting from ley lines, curry lines, the Hartmann or Benker grid or water vanes.
  • People have often reported improved mood and emotions in the presence of an Orgone Energy device.
  • People find that they can often sleep better (especially the case with the Stellar Dome and Geoclense which harmonizes earth magnetic grid lines and all EMR fields within an entire building).
  • Plants are observed as growing quicker in the presence of a Schumann generator device.
  • Fish tanks and aquariums function a lot better with fish swimming in a vibrant water packed with life force. For this purpose, we recommend the Water Rejuvenator Disc.
  • With the range of the various devices, more bird and animal life is observed in the areas around the home, almost as if the wildlife senses an ambiance rather than the constant hum of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Using an orgone protection pendant will increase the size of one's aura, their physical strength and their psychic/intuitive ability.
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