Weighted Tuning Forks

  • These Forks work more on the Physical level.
  • One can feel the vibration more stronger and at a deeper level, when its stem is placed on the body. This is due to the weights at the end of each prong.
  • The sound lasts longer, but is softer and more diffused.
  • They are heavier in weight.
  • They are shorter in length than the same fork in Unweighted type.
  • These are excellent to use for pain relief, reducing inflammation and inducing relaxation.
  • They are normally placed on the body or by the ears.
  • To tone them, one can simply tap them on the palm of the hand or use the Tuning Fork Activator.
  • The weighted tuning fork has round weight at the end of each prong and it look like this
Weighted Tuning Forks


If you require guidance and instruction on techniques for using the tuning forks therapeutically, we recommend that you purchase the Tuning Fork Therapy® DVD - Part 1 and/or read the eBook Tuning Fork Therapy Level One.

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