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The Subtle Energy Bodies

The Seven States of Matter

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In 2011, we were contacted by an individual who through his own choice would prefer to remain anonymous. He up until this time has divulged some of the most interesting articles and has made it our responsibility to expose these articles to you as the reader.

The writer of these articles is an enlightened individual that has dealt with powers in this world first hand, ranging from military special forces across the world, powerful families and royalty. Not only does he have first hand understanding with the reality in how this world functions, and what is really happening, he is also spiritually enlightened through the depths of Christianity, claiming to have been in the lap of God.

The information he has sent us over the years is not only interesting and mind blowing, it will enlighten you as well as to what is happening in this world right now and what is forthcoming, and how you should prepare yourself for the future. While some of his writing can be difficult reading (indicating a high degree of intelligence) I do encourage you to read these extracts from information he has submitted to me, in the hope that you as the reader too can become enlightened through articles exposing the Nature of our Reality.

Note: The information and views expressed in these articles are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Natures Energies or its associated staff. Natures Energies hereby disclaims any responsibility for the information in this article, and advises the reader to discern and take the information as unsubstantiated hearsay.

Our World Simplified

Sources of Human Knowledge

The Structure of Existence

Nothing New Under the Sun

Formulas and Sequences in Nature

Hebrew Cantillations

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Of a World of Illusion in an Existence of a 3-D Hologram

Arc of the Covenant

Reality of Earth and Our Interaction with the Universe