Chi Energy Balms

Chi Energy Balms

Chi Energy BalmsChi Energy Balms


A wonderful set of chi products with delightful fragrances.

Made with a natural cocoa butter base blended with different essential oils Individually blessed.

Not only do the Balms smell wonderful as exotic fragrances, they have been reported to offer wonderful energy, especially the Chi Balm for protection from others unwanted energies, perfect for shop keepers, practitioners or those around others who seem to "take on other peoples energies".

In the Chi Products talk we demonstrate this product by dowsing the aura (energy field) of a volunteer, we then have an unknown person think negative thoughts about the volunteer, remeasuring their aura we find it has dramatically changed for the worse. After applying Chi balm, the energy field remains constant no matter what occurs with others around them, the volunteer usually feels a slight lift in their energies. Could you be being drained unconsciously by others around you? Those sensitive to energies experience a dramatic shift immediately upon applying the balm, feeling grounded, centred and a stong spiritual upliftment.

Ch'i Energy Balm, Sleep Balm, and Pain Relief Balm

Relieves the stress from other people's energies, psychic protection and smells wonderful. In modern times - a product everyone needs. Ch'i Energy Balm for natural health and healing.

Have you ever felt your energy being drained or affected by another? Try the Chi balm for energetic protection.
Some people wear it just for its lovely fragrance.

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Sale price $12.95 USD Regular price $19.95 USD Sale
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