Tarot Cards

One of the most popular items associated in occult and mystics is the tarot card. Since the mid 1500s, these cards have been used widely for the purpose of divination and fortune telling. Most people believe that somewhere within the deck, the truth about the future can be told.

Divination defined

The practice of divination is actually the art of obtaining insight to things that are inaccessible by the use of the mere five senses. Tarot cards are believed to help vastly in gaining these insights. They help grant answers to questions that are not just about the future, but also to those questions about the present and the past.

How do Tarot Cards work?

In general, practitioners of card reading and fortune telling believe that tarot cards are reflections of the heavens. With this, a view of the future is thus possible and so is predicting one’s fortune.
However, it is worthwhile to note that tarot cards are perceived to be a source of knowledge in various standpoints.
One is that practitioners, readers and psychics believe that they themselves have the supernatural talents (powers) and these tarot cards are simply the medium to activate these powers.
Others believe that tarot cards help them tap into the Universal Mind for answers. The Universal Mind is the existence of higher awareness – of the entirety of all knowledge, both the known and the unknown. It is limitless.
Some people on the other hand associate the powers of the tarot to synchronicity. Synchronicity, in simplest term can be tied to coincidence. But as to how these events have meaningfully coincided; reasons could not justify.
In a more scientific view, the tarot cards provide a framework, more so, a guide for the reader to interpret and answer questions. Simply put, with a tarot card at hand, the mind begins to analyze the meaning of the card and associate it with possible answers. This way, the mind thinks and considers options that it normally would not consider, hence, new ideas and insights are found.
However, regardless of reasons and beliefs, tarot cards have continuously been used to foretell one’s future and sometimes, to find answers to questions.

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Overview of the Tarot Deck

A standard deck is consisting of two card types. These are the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana

The Major ArcanaMajor Arcana

The Major arcana are considered as the Tarot’s trump cards. It is made up of 21 cards, each numbered with Roman Numerals from 1-21 (I to XXI) plus a card known as the Fool (unnumbered or sometimes 0 or as XXII). The cards from the Major Arcana each hold a separate meaning – deep, profound meanings.
Some of the cards in from the Major Arcana are: Judgment, Strength, The Lovers, Justice and Death.

The Minor ArcanaMinor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is made up of 56 cards. These are similar to the regular deck of playing cards.
The Minor Arcana is divided into four classifications, referred to as suits. Each suit is aligned to one of the spiritual elements: air, water, fire and earth.
Tarot Sword
The swords represent the air energy. 
Tarot Coin
Coins  (or pentacles) on the other hand, represent the earth. 
 Tarot Wand
Wands represent fire or the mental energy.
 Tarot Cup
Cups represent water or the emotional energy.
In tarot reading, the dominating suit (most cards, ex. Wands) strongly influences the overall reading of the cards.

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