Spiritual Energy Discs

Your Gateway to Higher Consciousness. Select the disc which you are drawn to when you make the choice to grow spiritually .....

Spiritual Energy Discs
Spiritual energy discs are all individually handcrafted from quartz crystal and metals, and they are designed to bring joy into the life of the holder. There are many different types of discs that have specific intention, and they work by;
  • using light and energy to achieve Bio-Cellular and DNA healing and repair (achieved through metaphysical integration of the physical, emotional and etheric bodies)
  • removing negative thought forms
  • improve and deepen meditation
The discs conduct higher angelic energies into our realm, which thereby give the greatest assistance possible for achieving spiritual growth, learning and understanding. They should be used as an aid when you make the choice to grow spiritually. You will find that there is a disc (or several discs) which you are drawn to, and this is the disc which you must choose.
The spiritual energy discs are specially created to achieve the greatest transference of the subtle energies from our higher bodily realms. The size and bevel angle of the quartz crystal determines the amplification and there are selected metals which conduct the energies very effectively. The metallic discs use a very specific technique for adhering the metal to the quartz crystal that enhances the performance of each disc. Each handcrafted disc is energetically attuned to what the image represents.

How to Use a Spiritual Energy Disc

You can use a spritual energy disc by;
  • Holding it
  • Meditating with it
  • Placing it over area of your body that feel blocked
  • Displaying it to infuse a room with energy
  • Use it to run columns of energy into your body or as a therapeutic aid when working with others
The copper layer on the rim of the quartz crystal disc creates a small electrical charge (both positive and negative) when our fingers touch the edge. We can then move the disc in a circular motion over the energetic, auric field of the body and this will direct a spiritual healing light throughout one's etheric body. When using any of the chakra balancing discs, ensure that you move them in a clockwise motion as you move the disc up and down your body.
When meditating, some people choose to place the disc on their body to enhance their meditation. The disc can be placed over the third eye, the forehead, abdomen or really in any area where the user feels comfortable to place it. Through experimenting you will find what is right for you.
Some therapists choose to place the disc under the massage table during a healing session, which enhances their healing technique.
When using the disc, it is recommended that you use a source of light to shine through the disc. The light source can be a candle, the light coming through a window (leave it on a window sill to energize a room), a torch or a lamp.
Whenever you use your disc, state an intention aloud or to yourself I want the disc to ________.
When wearing the discs, you can wear more than one disc at a time. To do this set the intention for a set of discs instead of only the one disc. As an example, if an individual selects three discs and wants the intention to be Chakra balancing, then they would set the intention for all three discs at the same time. 
To cleanse the discs, we recommend that you use a Schumann Water Rejuvenator Disc. Simply place the spiritual energy disc onto the Schumann Generator for 5 mins, and it will be fully cleansed of energies.


This is my Heart mandala disc. I just gSpiritual Energy Disc Testimonial Disc 1ot it recently. This is the second disc I own & let me tell you, they always seem to come at exactly the right time. These discs have a nice weight to them — they feel solid as the quartz they are. This one in particular carries with it the energy of a friend… a very loving friend. But also there’s mystery there, and with this is the mystery of a sort of Divine math, a recalibrating energy or tool. As the days go on I shall see how this disc & I work and play together. By the way, one of the ways I use theses discs is by laying down & slowly moving the disc down the length of my body over my chakras. When the disc gets to be over a “key” spot (I can feel it as an electric feeling) that’s where I place it! And then the easy part — just relax. 

Love the Spiritual Energy Disc Testimonial Disc 2healing disk! I have the Blue Metatron disk. I have been told I am from the lineage of Metatron so of course I was drawn to it! I am getting used to the weight, I normally work with smaller crystals. I use it on myself and clients during Reiki and Angel Guided massage sessions. There is a strong energetic pull when working with it. I feel calmer, grounded and centered while using it. It has helped me create more deeper, meaningful Angel portraits. Hoping it will help me dive a little deeper into the Akashic records. Thank you for letting me share. – Jennifer

Zack, 18, asked Spiritual Energy Disc Testimonial Disc 3me a couple of days after receiving my disc — where is that website where I got my disc, which amazed me. I showed him and he fell in love with the Stargazer. I told him it’s expensive and he will have to save some money. However, he is beginning some new work, so I just ordered it for him. We received it immediately and it has not left his hands much since. He is reluctant to let me touch it. He brought it to school yesterday.

I was blessed to receive the Golden Lightbody Pleiadian Healing Disc as a gift and the first time I touched it, I felt a warm energy radiating from it and I immediately knew that this disc was special. I use my disc each morning by letting the sun shine through it onto me as I set my intentions for the day. I also use it during meditation, placing it on different Chakra points. There are so many ways to integrate the disc into your daily spiritual practices. Each disc is also charged with Reiki before being shipped and you can feel the healing energy it holds. It is amazing and I am so blessed to own such a special tool.

Spiritual Energy Disc Testimonial Disc 5Shipping is lightening fast! I opened mine and held it in my left (receiving) hand and it’s powerful! I have been keeping it in a pocket in my purse because it makes me feel protected. I like to meditate with it – it feels sacred. My son, who is not particularly interested in my stones and the like, wanted to hold it and fell in love with it.

As a Holographic Healer working with the Melchizedek Method, I saw the Blue Seed of Life Pleiadian Healing disk and could feel the energy even before even purchasing it. I love this disk! The energy is fantastic it transports me into another dimension. With the Melchizedek method channeling energy from Orion is common. Using this disk I could actually feel the increased Orionus energy. I had a heightened awareness of the presence of the energetic beings that belong to that dimension. The healing vortex I am able to create with this disk has brought my healings to a new level.


  1. I am getting lovely energies from them in my room.  I presume they will still work well when left in a room rather than carried on the person?  Do the energies last indefinitely, and do they intensify over time?

    Yes, they will still work when left in a room and don't need to be carried on the person all of the time. The energies do last indefinitely and do not need to be charged. However, if you want to program the disc with a certain intention then you should hold it up to a lightsource (candle, sun, window, etc) and set the intention. Universally the discs are not set to intensify over time but a particular disc with a particular person will increase in energy but it's on a case by case basis. 
  2. Can I use/wear more than one disc for healing? How many at the same time?

    You can use more than one disc at a time. You would want to set the intention for a set of discs versus just setting the intention for an individual disc. So let's say that you select three discs and want the intention to be Chakra balancing, then you'd set the intention for all three discs at the same time. 

Selecting the Spiritual Energy Disc for You

You can either select by category and read the description to decide, or you can scroll down the page and select the disc that you are most positively drawn to. Following are the categories of Spiritual Energy Disc that are available.