Lucky Charms

Four Leaf Clover Luck Charm
In the world of charms, there exist three very distinct types of charms: amuletic, verbal, and written. The first is akin to the amulet and can be any natural or man-made object that is used mainly to attract good luck or to “charm’ or subjugate others. Most charms of this type are worn as jewelry or carried in small drawstring pouches called charm bags.

In medieval times, the Catholic Church promoted the use of numerous holy charms, despite the fact that it vehemently disapproved of all pagan magick. Christian charms included rosaries, holy relics, the Scriptures, and a small wax cake known as an Agnus Dei, which was decorated with images of the lamb (the totemic symbol of Jesus Christ) and the flag. Holy charms were blessed by priests or the Pope, and worn to protect against such things as evil ghosts, demons, the Devil, fire, thunder, lightning, tempests, fever, drowning, and death during childbirth.

Nature's Energies stock a variety of lucky charms, which share a variety of qualities useful in strengthening Feng Shui qualities such as wealth, health, prosperity, protection and happy blessings. Read about each of the lucky charms below.
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