PendulumsUsing pendulums for divining answers to important questions has been used now for several hundred years. It is a technique which allows you to connect and confirm with your intuition, allowing you to speak with your subcscious mind.
Natures Energhies stocks a range of quality pendulums, including a variety of crystal pendulums, the Galileo pendulum, and the Solid Brass Precision Pendulum. We also carry Pendulum Wheels, including a food sensitivity and a relationships pendulum wheel.

How to Use your Pendulum for Divining

Divining with your pendulum is a simple procedure. With practice you will acquire the skill and the ability to get answers to all of your questions, thereby using it as a divining tool. To begin, select one of our pendulums from below this commentary. When selecting a pendulum, feel your inner guidance to help you select. When you have your pendulum, you are ready to begin;
Cleanse your pendulum of any bad energies using a Schumann water rejuvenator generator disc. There are other methods for cleansing your pendulum but the Schumann generator is by far the most effective method. To cleanse it, place it on the Schumann disc for 5 minutes.
PendulumHold the pendulum between thumb and index finger. Firmly place your elbow on the table. This will steady you and connect you to the ground. Relax and think of nothing. Let your m ind go blank. Then formulate the question and speak the question aloud - directly to the pendulum.
PendulumAn object m ay be symbolically ‘contaminated’. ‘Clean’ the object by holding your hands above it and imagining the contamination being absorbed. Shake your hands as though you are shaking off water. Sounds far-fetched? Try it a few times and observe how the pendulum ’s movements change!
PendulumTalk freely to the pendulum as it w ill invariably respond to your dem ands. Establish a YES and NO position by asking obvious questions such as “ Is the sun hot?" or “Is a ball square?" Note which way the pendulum swings in answer to these questions and use this information for future reference.
PendulumUse your right hand to hold the pendulum. Position the pendulum about 40-60 mm above the object you want to investigate. Keep your eyes on the original starting point. Don’t be mesmerized by the pendulum ’s movement. Tell it to stop, to change directions or to swing sideways.

PendulumIf the pendulum does not want to swing immediately, hold it in your palm for a minute or two. You can also rub it or breathe on it. For reasons unknown, this seems to work invariably. The more familiar you become with your pendulum, the more strongly it will respond!

You are now ready to begin using the pendulum to ask personal divining questions. Start with simple questions, like will it rain tomorrow, and then as you get good at it, ask more important questions (e.g., should I look for another job; should I be in this relationship). Make sure though that you do not let the pendulum take over your life. You must use discretion when using the pendulum to answer life important questions.

Keep the Questions Clear

Don't confuse the pendulum by asking ambivalent questions. Make sure that you question is so clear that it can be answered with a simple Yes or No. Once the pendulum starts swinging, ask is this the truth?

Pendulum Movements

There are an infinite number of variations to the four basic pendulum movements, which include;

  • Oval movement
  • Straight line
  • Clockwise round or oval
  • Counter-clockwise round or oval

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