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Where is Natures Energies located and how can we be contacted?

Natures Energies Health Products
3 Wagtail Court
Narre Warren VIC 3805

Phone: +61-3-8790-1663

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How Natures Energies Started

Natures Energies Health Products was formed by Greg Hernon in 1997 as a result of a keen passion in alternative medicine and all of the associated areas surrounding it. 

Greg Hernon's personal story on how Natures Energies started ......

"I was 9yo and I had a dream. I asked does God exist and I received a reply! God is nature. And many years later after learning science and how it touches into the unknown I created "Natures Energies". As time progressed in my early stages I had curiosity on where the mind is and why we are here. I attended a great school which taught science and went on to get a science/engineering degree as a Metallurgist - wondering the depths of exploring matter, and its impartations into energy and matter forming this universe around us. My journey led me to find a book "Autobiography of a Yogi", and my curiosities to consciousness and the Universe gave me understanding. The scientific method of self realization by Kriya Yoga for ascension and direct contact for God described in the book I never mastered despite many individuals having done so. Time progressed I left working as a metallurgist to start my own business with a software for flower essence therapists which I named FLOWERBASE. After 4 years of failure with determination to get Flowerbase for everyone, I tried another business remembering my dream and created Natures Energies in 1998 under the company name Cyberlab Systems Pty Ltd. After starting with 4 pairs of pinhole glasses on my last $100 left from a failed business, the 4 pairs sold and with time, my dream started to grow and grow with so many people interested in the same topics of spirituality and metaphysics. As time went by sales increased as our presence began to be known online. We introduced new products and a snow balling effect came into place. Natures Energies began to make its presence felt with people trying to find their understanding of the Universe and their delving into spirituality and alternative understanding to what we are programmed by society. Thinking and curiosity are a powerful weapon to possess! What becomes of that when explored is a life of unfoldment and a life of passion for finding the best way to run your own health. Today I drink pure Hydrogen water (the most important thing to focus on for health in my belief), I exercise, eat good food and focus on my role as a servant of the Universe."

We at Natures Energies are dedicated to providing information and health products that employ, harness or balance the natural energies found in Nature. Many of these energies are often overlooked or rebuked by science, as they have more than often not been proven statistically through double blind studies, yet they are frequently found to be traditional. For instance, the ever popular Feng Shui dates back 3500 years, yet science would say that it has no substance as the nature of Chi energy is non Newtonian i.e., it cannot be seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelled. A doctor therefore would laugh at the idea of harnessing chi into the health sector of one's home to maintain good health, yet it seems to work when used. But who can put millions into such studies to prove such phenomena as a drug company can when scientifically proving a drug?

Natures Energies was formulated from the idea that we are not particles but mainly energies. Did you know that there are an estimated 1089 atoms in the entire universe (that's a 1 with 89 zeros after it!), and if they were all compressed together, the particle components of all those atoms would fit into a space smaller than the diameter of a hydrogen atom. This is because we are mainly made from energy - we are not physical particles as such!

Worldwide Customer Distribution for Natures EnergiesNatures Energies and its Worldwide Customer Base

Natures Energies is based in Melbourne Australia, and was incorporated in 1999 under Cyberlab Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian based company registered as ACN 087 893 196. We now have a worldwide customer base serving all countries worldwide with cheap freighting options and as little as 2-4 day delivery time.

Explore Our Store

The energy tools we offer through our web site have no necessity to be evaluated Newtonian as explained, and we present them to you through the menu at the top of this page for you to peruse, explore and enjoy.

We will not waste your time or bore you in presenting such items such as vitamins, scented candles, or other items easily attainable through your supermarket, local health or metaphysics store; rather we would hope to excite you through presenting items on the cutting edge of science and medicine which deal with human energetics systems for improving health and wellbeing. 

Greg HernonWhether you wish to improve the Feng Shui in your home, you will find it all here. We present correspondence courses in color therapy, qi gong and other areas and have a bunch of charts and decoders covering many topics. There are also several healing alternatives that are generating a keen interest and popularity, such as magnetic therapy (for pets as well as humans). I wont list every item as there are close to 1500 items available through this site, but be sure to examine, learn and experience as much as you can as that is what life is all about.

May you enjoy your experience here today!

Greg Hernon B.App.Sc, Founder of Natures Energies