The Dangers of 5G Roll-Out

We are really excited to share with you our ongoing research on the 5G rollout in Australia.

While 5G towers generate a Ground Current only to the boundaries of the property they are on, the 5G streetlights generate a harmful Geoelectric Ground Current across an entire suburb, which puts humans and animals under enormous Geopathic Stress.

Recent research confirms that virtually every country town and city in all states in Australia, except NT, have had their 5G streetlight networks turned on now. In Melbourne, the northern suburbs extending from the city to the Western Ring Road, have all had their 5G Street light networks turned on recently. The radiation sensation from the activated 5G streetlights is quite overwhelming, with a distinct "sickly heaviness" in the air, and it seems as though the oxygen is being sucked out of the air.

The rollout of the 5G suburban streetlight radiation has raised questions about its necessity now and whether it was part of the recent proposed "15-minute cities," which every council around the world seems to have been instructed to engage in. Another theory is that it is to replace the new heightened Aquarian energies which manifested on planet earth on 1st March 2023, which "knocked out" worldwide Ground Current induced Geopathic Stress that occurred due to solar winds, CMEs, and sunspots from the sun which, because of the new Aquarian energies, was suddenly no longer occurring.

It is essential to stay informed about new technology and its impact on our health. As a solution, we encourage everyone to make a small investment into protecting yourself and family with a geoclense. See for details.