Biofeedback Health Analyzers

Natures Energies offers 3 choices in Biofeedback technology to health professionals using 2 different systems of analysis, namely the Biofeedback Health Analyzer as well as the 3D NLS Health Analyzer and the 9D NLS Health Analyzer.
The most significant difference in biofeedback analyzers is the methodology in which the diagnosis is conducted. Some devices work with radio frequencies while others gather information from the pulse and moisture present in the skin. Others like the 3D NLS Scanner function in the realm of processing information within the electromagnetic field whilst also incorporating other methods of analysis.
We examine in this article the 2 machines and the scientific theories and principals by which they operate, and we make a comparison of the two systems.
Biofeedback Health Analyzer and its Basis of Operation
Biofeedback Health AnalyzerIn our bodies, we have the natural process of mitosis (cell division) occurring on an ongoing basis. In the process of cellular mitosis, on an atomic level, the charged bodies of the nucleus and extra nuclear electrons are observed to be continuously moving and changing, thereby emitting electromagnetic waves. The interaction between electromagnetic field (EMF) from the cells of the body and Magnetic Resonance from the Biofeedback Analyzer probe generates a measurable EMF field which represent various states of the human body (e.g., healthy state, sub-healthy state and diseased state).
Theory of Mechanism
The main cause of disease in the human body is alteration in electron spin and orbit resulting in changes at the atomic level, which results in micro and macromolecular changes. When there are macromolecular changes, gradually the whole cell will change and eventually there will be reciprocated changes in the organ. The electron is a charged particle and when its spin and orbit is altered, the electromagnetic waves inside it will change accordingly. The energy of the collected electromagnetic wave is weak but through holding the probe the biofeedback analyzer amplifies the signal, and the inbuilt processor modifies the signal ready for software analysis. The data that is collected is analyzed and compared with the standard quantum resonance spectrum of disease.
The database contained in the software analysis system (known as the standard quantum resonance spectrum of disease) has been established using scientific methods including Fourier’s principles, and the thorough statistical analysis of a large number of clinical cases.
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3D NLS and 9D NLS Health Analyzer and its Basis of Operation
3D NLS Health AnalyzerThe Non-Linear System (NLS) uses the most advanced resonance spectroscopy analysis, quantum resonance analysis, acoustic resonance analysis, and tomography scanning available today. Modern day research on energy fields around plants and animals has concluded that there exist extremely weak, frequency specific, vortex magnetic fields around biological systems and it is an analysis of these fields through which the 3D NLS system and 9D NLS system operates.
How it Works
The 3D NLS health analyzer and 9D NLS health analyzer use headphones to transmit sonar light waves through the eardrum into the human brain. The method is based on an analysis of the brain stems electromagnetic waves (similar to Oberon and Metatron) which contain complete information of the entire organism. The analyzer uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication, and uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cells own signals. The resonance of electromagnetic waves is then returned to the computer and compared with an extensive database. The result is a presentation showing the condition of organs in the present as well as the past. There is also a report predicting organ state over the next 3-5 years. 
The health status database was established over 35 years by scientists of the former Soviet Union and the United States using tens of billions of dollars of national research funds.  A collection of different sexes, ages, races, diseases, and clinical data has helped to establish the criteria for analysis using this unique system.
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3D NLS Health Analyzer versus the Biofeedback Health Analyzer

  3D-NLS and 9D-NLS Health Analysis Systems Biofeedback Health Analysis system
Sensors Headset signal sensor Handheld signal sensor
Accuracy 3D-NLS 85-95%; 9D-NLS 85-99% 75%
Persuasive Presents a 3D picture of each of the bodily organs, visually explaining to the client irregularities and inconsistencies. No visual presentation system is available. An extensive analytical report is however produced, although the report can take some time for the client to read.
Report Uses a simple methodology to describe the results of the analysis, creating an easy to understand report from the client's view point. The report consists of 39 sub reports which make reading and interpretation difficult from the client's view point.
Remedial Produces vibrational medicine remedies for organ improvement and recovery. None
Cost 3D NLS costs $495.00; 9D NLS Costs $795 $189.95
Sale price $189.95 USD Regular price $265.95 USD Sale
Sale price $2,695.00 USD Regular price $2,995.00 USD Sale