What is Iridology?

Iridology shows you how to interpret health and personality by looking closely at the iris. Every part of your body relates to a section of the iris, which can help pinpoint problems and imbalances. Your nutritional pattern, your occupation, even your mental and emotional state record themselves in the iris.

How did Iridology Evolve

Ignatz von PeczelyIn the 19th century, a boy named Ignatz Von Perczely played with an owl in Egervar, near Budapest, Hungary. While paying with the owl, the owl was injured, breaking its leg. Ignatz Von Perczely immediately realized that this owl had in his iris a long black stripe to which he was surprised, and it came to his mind that this line had something to do with the breaking of the owl's leg. The boy began to attend to the owl and to cure his leg and at the same time he followed the black line that was disappearing with the improvement of the owl. The most surprising thing for him was that instead of the black line there was a white line left as the owl healed, until the wound completely healed and the black line disappeared.

That child became Dr. Ignatz Von Perczely (1826-1911), the discoverer of diagnosis through the iris, who later had the great help of the greatest exponent Dr. Bernard Jensen who developed more activity with x-rays, stool tests and other analyzes in thousands of eyes that were checked during their professional practices.

Ignatz was the first person to build the first iris diagram and later to reflect his experience in the first printed book on the subject called Discoveries in the realm of nature and the art of healing.

Iris Analysis

As with any system, skills must be acquired to make accurate assessment. Therapeutic analysis from the eye is a delicate art/science needing years of training; but anyone can learn some basic indications using the charts that we provide, as well as the iriscope equipment (Iris Camera) and software that are available to make Iris observation a lot easier.

Identification of structural types and biochemical variables can be made from a general view of the iris; but how can it be determined whether it’s your liver, your pancreas, or your stomach, that’s the prime cause of your indigestion problems? Is it an infected kidney that’s producing the recurrent cystitis attacks, or is it just an over-acid and inflamed bladder? Does your migraine stem from vascular congestion under tension and stress, or is it hormonally triggered by your endocrine glands? A more detailed system of analysis is needed to pinpoint causes, to identify body systems and organs which may not be functioning at their optimum peak. From experience iridologists have evolved a method of classifying these zones as shown in the diagram below;

Iridology Chart


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