Unweighted Tuning Forks

  • These forks work more on Subtle level (delicate or mysterious)
  • They move in a physically lesser motion. The feeling of the vibration is more subtle, when its stem is placed on the body.
  • The sound does not last as long, but it is sharper and more crystallized.
  • They are lighter in weight.
  • They are longer in length than the same fork in weighted type.
  • These are excellent to use for mental and emotional balance, improving energy field, improving physical health and promoting spiritual upliftment, helping to create inner harmony and wholeness.
  • These forks are placed around the body or by the ears.
  • To tone them, one could gently tap two forks together or strike them on the Tuning Fork Activator.
    The Unweighted ends look like this
Unweighted Tuning Forks


If you require guidance and instruction on techniques for using the tuning forks therapeutically, we recommend that you purchase the Tuning Fork Therapy® DVD - Part 1 and/or read the eBook Tuning Fork Therapy Level One.

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