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"Scientists have determined the pH of alkaline water for optimum health to be in the range of pH 8 to 9.5"

It is now a well established scientific fact that an acidic body has the potential of attracting potentially dangerous diseases such as cancers and premature aging. The common western diet that we are all familiar with creates an acidic blood, and consequently an acidic body, opening one to such potentially fatal disease and premature death.

When we are born, we have an alkaline pH level in our blood of 7.4. The blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid in our body are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.4. At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant while normal cells remain healthy.

Eating takeaway foods such as pizza, fries, hamburgers and other foods such as meats, cheeses, bread, sugar, coffee that we have become so accustomed to, and drinking alcohol and soft drinks results in our blood becoming acidic, causing tiredness from stressed bodily organs, and eventual disease. On top of this, everyday stress makes our bodies acidic. Pollution in the very air we breathe is acidic. All rainwater collected and stored in tanks is acidic. Distilled and reverse osmosis water is acidic. Most bottled water is acidic. Even some council-regulated tap water is acidic. Realistically, to maintain a natural healthy alkaline balance is far from easy. Most doctors and researchers estimate that to remain alkaline through diet would require a turnabout from 80% acid-producing foods to 80% alkali-producing foods. Regardless of how much you work out and try to eat right, if you can’t balance the acids in your body, you’ll never feel as good as you’d like to be. With an acid producing western diet, acidic wastes accumulate, and they can cause organs to malfunction and eventually break down.

The internationally-recommended diet for optimum human health consists of foods that are 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Modern lifestyle demands better alternatives. Until recently in the West, ionised alkaline water was never considered as a viable alkaline health maintenance method. In the last ten years, it has proven itself an excellent and fundamental source of alkalizing power.

  • "My fundamental theory is that there’s only one sickness and one disease and that’s the over-acidification of the blood, then tissues" Dr Robert Young, PhD, Alkaline Water Research Scientist and author of ‘The pH Miracle.
  • "All deaths from so-called natural causes are merely the endpoint of progressive acid saturation." Dr George W. Crile, the highly-acclaimed "Father of Physiologic surgery".
  • "If you have a health problem you are most likely to be acidic. Research shows that unless the body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself." Dr Michael Serafin, PhD, founder of Compounding Services
  • "Alkaline anti-oxidant water is probably the most profound discovery of our time. The question is often asked. Who should be drinking the alkaline antioxidant water. The answer is simply everyone from children to octogenarians." Dr.Ben Johnson, M.D., Doctor of Osteopathy, and Naturopathy

The Solution - Drinking Ionized Water!

Until recently the only way to maintain a healthy, consistent pH level in the blood and tissues was to live on 80% alkaline foods such as raw, green-leafed vegetables, maintain a stress-free life as much as possible and forego many of life’s little “acidic pleasures”!

The drawback to this type of diet and lifestyle is its cost, (fresh organic vegetables are both expensive and often hard to find in convenient fresh quantities), and its impossibility - for most of us, today’s lifestyle is stressful, like it or not.

Scientists at Shiga university in Japan have conducted long term research into optimum alkalinity of drinking water for health, and have determined it to be from pH 8 to 9.5. The Easy Alkalizer easily produces water in this optimal range and is the solution to maintaining a long term healthy lifestyle with minimal dangerous disease.

So what is pH anyhow?

pH is the chemical measurement of how acidic or alkaline a solution is. pH is measured on a scale from 1 to 14 with a pH of 1 being extremely acidic, a pH of 14 being extremely alkaline, and a pH of 7 being neutral (neither acidic or alkaline). Chemically speaking, acidic solutions have an excess of hydronium (H3O+) or hydrogen (H+) positive ions, and alkaline solutions have an excess of hydroxide ions (OH-).

Acid and Alkaline Water pH Scale

The Easy Alkalizer converts regular water into alkaline AND negatively ionized water that you can drink anywhere, anytime.

The Easy Alkalizer employs 13 energising and purifying minerals in its filter including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Maifanshi stone and have been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the source water.

Alkaline Water Flask Details

Instructions on how to make alkaline water using the Easy Alkalizer

To use the Alkalizer, simply fill the container with water, place the lid on, and after 5 minutes (please allow 10 minutes for the single filter alkalizer) you will find that the pH of the water is at the correct pH level for consuming. Drink 2 litres a day of the alkalized water and in 2 months you will have a massive improvement in your health reflected by an increase in your energy as if you were a child again! Most acids (positive ions) will easily be eliminated by the alkalized water in this time. You can print the complete instructions on the Easy Alkalizer (in .doc Word format) by clicking here.

How does the Alkalizer chemically alter the water?

The alkalizer will chemically alter the water to increase the alkalinity. All of the chemical alkaline compounds created by the Alkalizer are safe to drink, and are sourced from natural minerals such as tourmaline (see the picture to the left).

Following are the chemical altering formulae resulting from the tourmaline reacting with the water, for those who are chemistry savvy;

MgCO3 + 2Na - R = Mg - R + Na2CO3

Mg(HCO3)2 + 2Na - R = Mg - R + 2NaHCO3

CaCO3 + 2Na - R = Ca - R + Na2CO3

Ca(HCO3)2 +2Na - R = Ca - R + 2NaHCO3

This therefore results in a water rich in alkaline ions, thereby making a safe to drink alkaline water.

The Easy Alkalizer's food grade, stainless steel design and unique internal filter are patented and certified as safe from contamination.

The Alkaline Water Alkalizer;

  • Transforms your drinking water.
  • Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting drinking water.
  • Helps to remove bacteria from potable water.
  • Helps remove chlorine.
  • Will help filter your water of chlorine and other contaminants.
  • Can help improve your systemic Acid/Alkaline Balance.
  • pH +7 to +9.5 (typically increases pH by about 2 or more points, tested using pH reagent)
  • Provides an abundance of Negative Ions.

What are Negative Ions in Alkaline Water?

You can read more specific detail about what negative ions really are, how they affect our health and the scientific research that has gone into positive and negative ions by clicking here.

  • Can help increase your Hydration by reducing Molecular Cluster size.
  • Has a low negative ORP - providing you powerful Antioxidant potential (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential by at least 200mv).
  • Creates natural Far Infrared Ionization.
  • Contains silver Ceramic and Anti-bacterial balls.
  • Takes only a few moments to create your own "energy water".
  • Uses only non-toxic materials (no chemical leaching like in plastic containers).
  • Provides 12-month usage based on 2-3 litres consumption daily

Caring for your Alkaline Water Filter

We recommend replacing your filter approximately every 12 months.

Care Instructions

Did you know cleaning your Alkalizer Filter with white vinegar once a month will ensure the best results?
The Alkalizer filter can build up with mineral scale over time which will slow the process of water filtering through and can even weaken the function mineral balls inside. Soak the filter in white vinegar for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water and leave to dry in sunlight.


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