An angel appears in Leonardo Da Vinci's work "The Annunciation"Angels are messengers from God who help all areas of life of those of us on the physical plane. They hold no judgements, love unconditionally and see the good in all of us.

While many people eschew many parts of metaphysical beliefs, angels are the exception to that rule. Angels are seen in practically every organized religion, yet you don't have to hold dogmatic religious beliefs to appreciate the presence of angels. And although spirit guides and angels both help us here on earth, angels differ from spirit guides in that, angels have never had a physical existence, whereas our spirit guides have.

When we are born we are assigned with one or more Guardian Angels whose job it is to protect and help us move forward on our journey. Our Angels stay with us from birth to death and never leave our side. They love us no matter what we do and are always at the ready to help us.

Angels protect us when needed, help us when asked, but will not interfere with our free will. To connect with your angels you need simply to say it, think it, write it, visualize what you want, or say an affirmation expressing your gratitude for their help.

Some Individual Angels by Name

  • Michael (archangel): kindness of God, and stands up for the children of mankind
  • Gabriel (archangel): performs acts of justice and power
  • Jophiel: expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden holding a flaming sword and punishes those who transgress against God.
  • Raphael (archangel): God's healing force
  • Uriel (archangel): leads us to destiny
  • Samael (archangel): angel of death
  • Sandalphon (archangel): battles Samael and brings mankind together

Discerning the Presence of an Angel

As evidenced by near death experiences, many people have stated on record that they have seen angels and angel-like beings on the other side. Some even stated that they met their own guardian angel. While there is no other proof other than testimonials and other people’s own experiences, it is up to the viewer to use their own discernment and beliefs.

One author, Seraphia Preston lists a variety of ways through which angels can be discerned. Through remaining centered, clearing yourself of judgement, loving unconditionally and calling upon angels for the highest good in mind, then they will show their presence in some form whether it be through sight, sound of through simply feeling comforted through their presence. Through deep meditation we are able to access these sensory experiences more easily.

When an angel is present, you are truly in a higher vibe state. In their presence you may feel a light flutter from your torso to your head or you may feel a crawling sensation on the back of your neck as a confirmation. There is a wonderful feeling, similar to being dizzy yet aware. It is a safe feeling and it fills you with happiness and joy. Once we connect with them, we realize they are sent from the divine to assist, guide and heal us, and to remind us that we are here to learn and grow while in this physical plane.

Asking Angels for Help

All people have Guardian Angels, but we must ask our Angels for help before they can intervene. They won’t step in without being asked – with the exception of a life threatening emergency which may not have been part of our life-plan.

Working with your Guardian Angel will not do anything to prevent us learning the lessons we are meant to learn on our journey.

Each of us is given the gift of being able to connect with our angels, yet so few people actually accept and use it.

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