PsychokinesisPsychokinesis also known as Telekinesis is the psychic ability of a person to influence or move objects through the power of the mind alone. The person using psychokinesis has no physical contact over the object being influenced, nor do they have control over other forces (e.g., magnetism) which could otherwise influence the object being controlled.

The phenomenon of psychokinesis has been studied in depth over the years by parapsychology experts. While science generally discounts psychokinesis, there have been many people throughout history who have come forth with such ability. Some have been fakes such as photography hoaxer Édouard Isidore Buguet at the turn of the 19th century, but others have been authentic and science has been unable to explain why they have this ability. One such famous medium was Uri Geller, who had the ability to bend spoons with his mind. Another lesser known person from Russia in the 1960s was Nina Kulagina.

Nina Kulagina

When considering psychokinesis, Nina Kulagina is worth mentioning as she was studied by over 40 scientists, including 2 Nobel Laureates. Nina had the unique ability to move and control items using her mind, and was able to also create images on unprocessed film. In his book on Nina Kulagina, Jeff Michlove writes The communist scientists, who were by no means inclined to take a spiritualistic world view, felt that they had encountered a new force in nature. The scientists discovered some very unusual things about the composition of Kulagina’s brain which Michlove summarises; There is a large gradient between the electrical characteristics in the forward part of Mikhailova’s brain versus the back part of the brain (fifty to one), whereas in the average person the gradient is four to one. The usual force field around Mikhailova’s body is ten times weaker than the magnetic field of the earth.

Nina could move a wide variety of items including clock pendulums, crystal bowls, matches, cigarettes, compass needles, bread loaves, salt shakers, and many other small objects (often placed in Plexiglass boxes to show there were no strings attached). She first became aware of this ability when things would move whenever she would get angry. And aside from her famous stopping of a frog’s heart, Nina performed another fascinating feat: she separated an egg. That might not sound so amazing until you know that the egg was floating in a salt water tank two meters away from her. And she brought the yolk and white back together again when instructed to do so! While many of the experiments were performed in her home or in hotel rooms, her abilities were verified under laboratory conditions to prove that her abilities were genuine and authentic. In he last 10 years of her life, Nina's PK abilities appeared to have become lost and there were many health issues that plagued her. She eventually died in 1990.

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