Cygnus X3 - Dangerous Cosmic Radiation from Space

A source of cosmic ray radiation from the universe that ancient mankind knew about
If you live in the Northern hemisphere, then you are exposed to the cosmic radiation being emitted from Cygnus X3. Recent tests by Gerard Bini, professional geomancer and developer of the Geoclense, have revealed that the cosmic radiation from Cygnus X3 is doing us more harm than once thought. Cygnus X3 is in fact a newly discovered form of geopathic stress coming from space. Gerard's geomancy tests have shown that people in the Northern hemisphere (or those that have travelled there recently) carry with them a negative energy imprint which is sourced from Cygnus X3. He tested 50 people in Australia that had been exposed to Cygnus X3 (after travelling to the northern hemisphere) using a biofeedback device, which revealed that the cosmic radiation affected thyroid, thymus, heart as well as their emotional and mental bodies. He was able to confirm in others that had not travelled to the northern hemisphere did not have the same patterns.
A Remedy to the Dangers of Cygnus X3
The geoclenses built after August 7, 2014 now address this issue and harmonize the dangerous effects of this harmful radiation source. The work of Gerard Bini has now been integrated into the geoclense to harmonize the dangerous effects of the radiation, while under the protection of a geoclense or an orgone energy pendant.

What is Cygnus X-3?

Cygnus X-3 is the third brightest x-ray source (a classification of binary stars that produces significant amount of X-ray radiation) in the constellation Cygnus and is known to be the most powerful source of cosmic radiation hitting the Earth from space.Cygnus X3 It is categorized as a microquasar (a radio emitting X-ray binary) and is thought to be a kind of a compact star (i.e white dwarf, neutron star, black hole) that has a powerful pull of stellar wind from an ordinary star companion, either a neutron star or a black hole -- that blasts twin radio-emitting jets of matter into space at more than half the speed of light.. It is 37,000 light years away from the constellation Cygnus and is located on the far side of the galaxy.
Artists impression of Cygnus X3Interestingly, one of the twin jets of matter points directly at the Earth, making everyone in the Northern hemisphere vulnerable to its geopathic stresses.
Cygnus X-3 is one of the few sources of ultra-high cosmic rays, playing at a range of around 100-1000 TeV. It was first discovered in 1966 and has continuously been monitored under different frequencies such as radio, infrared, optical, and gamma-rays since then.

Who is exposed to the Cygnus X3 Radiation?

Cygnus X3 is located very close to polar north in the night sky. Anyone living in the northern hemisphere is therefore exposed to the radiation of Cygnus X3. In the map below, anyone living north of the red line is exposed to the cosmic radiation.
World Map showing areas vulnerable to Cygnus X3 - Click to Enlarge
Receiving the radiation can be perceived as flashes of light that we see when our eyes are closed. This is revealed in the documentary shown below.

Through harmonizing the radiation, we remove stresses from various organs of our body which could otherwise lead to a long term health issues. The only device capable of harmonizing the radiation is the geoclense and the associated orgonium products.
We recommend that you watch the following documentary by science researcher and writer Andrew Collins. In the section where he discusses ancient man going deep into caves to experience the radiation, we question this. Could it have been the case that ancient man was going into the caves in France, deep into the ground to escape the radiation, before Cygnus X3 set to below the horizon? We may never really know the true answer.

Much of the above video is summarized in the commentary below.

Linkage to the Past

Cygnus x3 and the swanIn the past, our ancestors considered Cygnus X-3 as the gateway to heaven. It was thought to be the soul’s entrance to heaven and is also the gateway for it to come back to earth. To date, there are many places, references, literature's and sites that claim to show evidences of this relationship with the sky world.

One of these is Andrew Collins’ study. He uncovered a 17,000-year old astronomy of standing stones, temples and monuments that are all oriented towards Cygnus’s stars. He also found that the use of deep caves by Paleolithic man led to the rise of religious thoughts and belief in life’s stellar origins. He also identified from the traces of human civilization near Lake Van of Southeastern Turkey that there was a relationship between the sudden leaps of human evolution and the phenomenon created by the northern constellation we now know as Cygnus.

The Clues

The first clue was found on what archaeologist claim to be the oldest temple in the world – the Gobekii Tepe in South Ease Turkey. It is estimated to be around 11,500 years old. One of its distinctive features is the tea-shaped pillars.Gobekii Tepe

Another pre-historic site is Karahan Tepe. This is similar to Gobekii Tepe.

One significant archaeological discovery was Carahunge, which seemed to have been orientated to Cygnus’ brightest star, Deneb.
Other sites that reflect prehistoric interest in Cygnus include:
  • The bird effigy mounds of North America to the Olmec centers of Mexico
  • The Incan sacred city of Cuzco
  • The Egyptian Pyramids of Giza
  • The Hindu temples of India to Avebury
  • And the largest stone circle in Europe
It was thought that the people of different religions and their descendants worship these temples. They believed that it was the only place where souls could enter heaven and return to earth. The journey to this sky world appears to be always located in the direction of the stars of Cygnus, also known as the Northern Cross.

Cygnus ConstellationCygnus – the Constellation

Cygnus is composed of host of stars including Deneb which is seen in the heart of the Milky Way. It is also located near the area known as Great Rift - a dark shift nearly devoid of stars.

Cygnus is a North Polestar. Genetic evidences suggest that Cygnus was the focal point of worldwide veneration. It was the portal to the sky-world and was believed to be the place for cosmic birth and death. This was also where souls travel in the afterlife, often thought to have been accompanied by a soul carrier (in a form of a bird).

Cygnus Cosmic Rays

cygnusx3-8In 1973, Carl Sagan wrote that cosmic rays also contributed to the acceleration of human evolution. In his study, he vaguely noted that a distant neutron star could have been the celestial body responsible for such. But today, with more in-depth research, there is little doubt left that Cygnus X-3 was the cosmic body Sagan’s claim was referring to.

Cygnus is the one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful source of cosmic rays hitting the earth. It is believed to be responsible for changes in DNA from thousand years hence.

In the nineteenth century, underground particle detectors from across the world started to find presence of cosmic rays. These cosmic rays are found to have high penetrating power over thousand peaks above solid rocks. This source was later believed and identified to be Cygnus X-3, a binary star system located in the Cygnus constellation.

The clues supporting the presence of exotic cosmic rays coming from a hidden source called Cygnus X-3 was first reported in the 1980s by proton decay detectors in both Europe and the USA. NASA made an announcement in 2000 that states Cygnus X-3 is the galaxy's first black hole or neutron star that produces powerful particles directed towards us (earth).