Formulas and Sequences in Nature

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

The Fibonacci sequence; 1 1 2 3 5 8 5+8=13 +21= 34 55 89 144 ( as in the 144,000 )

The golden ratio of intelligent design; 137, 507, and 37.5 or phi, which is 1.618 and appears in all forms of nature from a flower to the spiral galaxy.

The correct phase lock frequency of correct operation is the former European standard musical note of A 440 hertz, that brings the C note into harmony with phase locking for correct operation of C 528 frequency. It is phi which is a mathematical constant which characterizes nature and God as love.

The infinity pattern from the structure of the universe, to the structure of DNA. is the same. It is the Hebrew language that when in correct tune of 440 Hz that the healing codes operate, in response to the biological apocalypse. The symbol for God in Hebrew, is the same symbol for DNA. If one were to be exposed to a large enough fragment of the sounds of creation in the spirit realm of hyperspace,  the soul would instantly transfigure. Such is the nature of rapture that will be at the coming of the son of man.

Just as there are electrical acupuncture points on the body, so too are there trinity points on the planet. One such location was used for the tower of Babylon followed by the confusing of the languages. We know the buildings of the middle ages and beyond are all built on these ley lines, for their energetic properties, and connection to the hyperdimensional spirit realm. As soon as the Catholic church realized what was happening during the Gregorian chants, they found a way to lose the materials and stop any further use. They did not want to have to explain the miracles that were happening. Fear, vibrates at 741 Hz. There are now 150 chants kept in secret by the Vatican. Composers today are using their returned instruments to 440 Hz and assigning a musical note to every letter of the Hebrew language, to write music. The power however is in one's spiritual condition.

God does not operate in filthy vessels. in sin. As one develops into the higher dimensions of their spiritman by moving into the deeper things of God,  and lives according to Torah principles, we cleans the body of toxin and corruption, and one reaches closer to the original condition of mankind both in body and spirit. One that is saved begins with getting the scripture into the spirit.  People always become whatever they think about and associate with the most. It is in the Hebrew prayers;  And you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

The frequency of 528 which is love;

  1. Plays at the heat of the Solfeggio.
  2. linked to the heat of everything.
  3. Fundamental to phi and the golden mean.
  4. Required for space / time measurements.
  5. Paramount to all sacred geometry.
  6. Crucial to 5280 feet, mile, and the speed of light.
  7. Central to structured water.
  8. Key to sustaining a heart of gold.
  9. Key to the house of David.
  10. Resonates to the heart of snowflakes and rainbows.
  11. Central to Genesis, light and green grass.
  12. Structuring chlorophyll and hemoglobin as a toroid and carrier of oxygen.
  13. Linked to heart felt emotion.
  14. Is the miracle note of the universe.
  15. Natural sound of yawn, laughter, sigh, scream, Yah and holy names.