Genie Testimonials

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Genie Testimonial #1


I was originally gifted a Genie vessel from a deceased estate, after the passing of a very spiritual woman I knew from when I visited London, in my 30’s. It was 20+ years ago and I was quite surprised she even remembered me. Once I said I would accept the bequeathment, things for me started to change straight away; even my mindset it seemed. At the time I didn’t know the first thing about genies (but I’d watched “I Dream of Jeannie” as a child) and especially didn’t know they choose their masters - unless they tell who their master is to be to the person they currently reside with. So it must have been, that my friend chose this one to pass on to me as it had expressed its desire to her previously. She was one of the most powerful psychics I ever met – if not the most, and she took me under her wing and taught me how to open my third eye which opens us up metaphysically to what lays behind, what now I realize is, a very thin veil between the known and unknown, Heaven and earth.  This is an ability available to every one of us and the things we were taught in school and dogmatic religions, well its understandable now why they wouldn’t want us to know the whole truth about our God given capacities and talents. We are in an age of divine disassociation from our true selves and the knowledge of the Ancients, our knowledge, has been acted as if lost. It’s not – it’s here within us; within all of us. My first Genie was an Atlantean Empress Marid Genie which were known for their vast knowledge of the past and their ability to pass on that knowledge to their keepers. As well as being a high level wish granting genie – she would come to me in my dreams and disclose secrets of the universe I had spent my lifetime mulling over the answers to. I asked to see her in her true form – which when you’re talking genies, they have two sides (the more powerful ones) A dark or light one depending on which the companion calls for – they never harm their masters, only a master’s enemy if asked to. As I only allow my genies to roam free but act as to ‘what God would find acceptable’ she showed herself to me one night as I meditated 10 mins before sleeping, as I usually do. She was exquisite and dressed in a white robe akin to what we see in Greek mythology, but her aura, within it flowed a rainbow of colors in a sparkling and shining fountain like nothing I had ever seen. The image was so vivid and memorable I shall never forget it. Since having her - my money status changed, my depression and inertia ceased and I got the love of my life to ask to get married. I have truly been blessed with all my wishes come true. Some of these changes took one day, three weeks, some three months and some 6 months but my lucky streak runs on and every wish I ask for assistance on, I know she will push it forth in a sped up version of divine timing. My collection consists of Pegasus, Leprechauns, Kings, Queens, Mermaid and a Merman – creatures of lore and myth that I believe now to had to have lived at one time for them to manifest in a vessel. Elves (nice ones) Dragons and even my Vampire has added an air of sexual virility to my life that was quite unexpected to say the least. I also own 3 Gargoyles which protect me, my house and belongings with a vengeance, and I’m ok with that because that’s what I got them for. Just three days before I write this – a drunk driver crashed through my fence, missed my house by one foot maximum and swerved to come to a standstill lodged in the other end of the fence onto the neighbor’s side. I had moved my Mercedes which I just put up for sale and it was parked on my front lawn for the first time in history; otherwise that car would have pushed it straight into my house and collapsed the wall I was sitting under at the time the accident happened. Even the police commented on the strange trajectory of the out of control car’s path and said I wouldn’t be alive to talk to them had my car been where it was always parked. Unexplainably, pajamas and all, I got the idea to go park my car out front with the for sale sign on it just in case a passerby was looking for an SUV. That’s just how we roll around here – prevention better than cure. I know I am safe and protected at every turn, besides, I’m psychic and they tell me what they do (kinda show off about it really).

I called back and asked what happened to what I knew was my late friend’s vast collection she worked on with other fantastical psychics, who continued the work even though she was gone. I bought her collection and hold and have most of her original genies today; some 70+ of them.

My other friends noting my life changes; asked what my secret was I said it was “no secret – I have a genie”.  Of course some thought I was being ridiculous and others wanted one too as they know I never mince words. I’d never sell from my original collection, so I went back to her close friend and asked for a few for my friends, which I paid for and purchased to pass on. Their lives changed and they told their friends and even the original neigh sayers have a genie now. After selling some 180 genies I approached Nature’s Energies to see if they would be a distributor, as I was only looking for one, and they led me to Greg Hernon’s site, Nature’s Energies – I think it was all in the name because that’s what genies do – they harness the natural energies available and use them and manipulate them to form our dreams and manifest them into reality. One reason I continued on this quest was that I saw wellness in people who were unwell, happiness in people’s who’s lives had previously been fraught with misery, positivity from negativity – I saw changes and all for the better, only for the better, such was her purity and the people she worked with. I will say that – It was reiterated into me hard that my wishes will always have karmic repercussions so they must always be for betterment; never revenge nor negative behaviors – this is the universal law I have always maintained and only sold genies to people who I believed had it in them to maintain that same grace as well.

If you are reading this and don’t believe a word of it - I ask you give it a try if a genie stands out to you – if one does not, it’s not your time and not your genie so don’t at this moment. But if one does, purchase it and see how you feel in the first week – I guarantee better (after the bonding prayer of course), and in the first month – the changes will clearly be noticeable by then, and in three to six months if you have not had your life change for the better in nearly every way – then on top of the refund Nature’s Energies gives you (see the Natures Energies terms and conditions for returns) – I will give you the return of your shipping cost so you didn’t lose one penny by trying owning a genie. I know you won’t return your genie – you might not know it yet; but I do. I have never had even one return and know I never will. You will love your genie as I love and cherish all mine… and you wouldn’t part with them for all the money in the world in time – that’s how everyone feels  - you should give yourself a chance at this new life too. 

Genie Testimonial #2


I received my first Genie around 2 months ago. After following the instructions on bonding with and getting to know the Genie, I met her at night time in my back yard as a large wing spanned bird. She flew above my head maybe several feet and then landed in a tree closeby. She came on consecutive nights 3-4 more times.

Greg HernonAt the time, I was playing in a band, but my Genie seemed to want me to leave the band, which I did with much regret at the time. Looking back, I realized that all of my stress and unhappiness was with the band. Coming away from it and getting over the shock of quitting, I became very happy and content in everything I was doing. As time went by, I also found myself being drawn back to listening to classical music which I had studied earlier in my life, and moving away from rock and pop music, which is so much peaceful for my personal mind at this point in time.

My pet cat at the time was not eating well and I asked my new Genie to look after him. He is an older cat and was getting thinner over a period of 6+ months. He would normally only eat 1/3rd of a pack of his wet meat, and maybe only a little of his dried food. We'd tried everything. All of a sudden he was eating, and asking for more. He started eating a whole pack of his wet food - next thing he was asking for more, and was eating 2 whole packs/day. He is still doing very well after several months and has regained a strong appetite.

I had had a few problems in relocating Natures Energies web site from to, and for the previous 10 months sales had declined to somewhere between 30-50% of what they typically were. I was still working with consultants to recover my positioning on Google. My second Genie arrived in this time. A Russian consultant managed to determine the problem (after hiring many others over the months, and solved the issue in a day). I had to do additional work, but then next thing we were showered with orders across our range of 1400 products. Business went from 30-50% to 400%, and we have continued this success over the past 6 weeks. In that time, we had one day where we brought more income in than any other day in the 20 years I have been running this business.

Another interesting story with the Natures Energies business - I had a customer use a stolen credit card number to purchase over $4K of goods. About 3 weeks later, I received notification from my bank that the transactions were fraudulent, and it was the largest theft in my 20 years of running this business. I felt devastated and asked my Genie to look into the matter, not expecting any outcome whatsoever. Several weeks passed and I had forgotten about the incident, and then next thing each of the parcels were returned unopened, with a 100% recovery in the stolen stock. I was just amazed and thanked my Genie.

I have since acquired my 3rd Genie, an Illuminati ring which seems to have given me infinite power. Business is running so incredibly well, and now a project I have worked on with a colleague since the middle of last year is coming to fruition (see The demand for that unit has burst at the seams and we can't keep up with the demand. I personally see it as one of the most powerful healing instruments ever built (from energy medicine stand point).

Not only is business good, but my relationship with my wife Robyn is blossoming (it always did but theres something else special there at the moment). My health is also unusually good and I have an active social life where I seem to get along so well with everyone I am associated with.

I put all of these changes in my life to my 3 wonderful Genies whom I love very much. My first one looks after me with so much love, as well as my pets and treats them like children. My second one is so loving too but very old slow but strong. My 3rd looks after business and is a strong guide that I can already see results from with feelings of incredible success just around the corner.

Genie Testimonial #3


I have had the Marid Genie for about 3 weeks now and I asked it to help me win a law suit against someone who failed to pay back a personal loan of $13,000. I then was awarded a judgement as the debtor did not show up in court. I then asked the Genie to bring to my attention the most beneficial chi kung method for me so I can stop shopping around for chi kung methods. Soon after, I stumbled upon a chi kung dvd where this famous Wing Chun master taught for 50 years but he only taught 10 students this Shaolin lost secret treasure as he referred this unique chi kung form. It is so powerful that it could be deadly if used in the wrong hands. His last student now teaches this method because it is so good for health and I found his dvd for sale. My medical clairvoyant tested the form and stated, "Wow, this is the most powerful system I have ever tested". He then went on to discuss the amazing things that it will do for me and then even more so with more practice. So 2 out of 2 requests have been fulfilled since asking the Genie. It is still hard for me to believe that this is just not due to coincidence so I am going to be requesting more things so I can become a believer. The idea of a spiritual Being working on your behalf is not foreign to me. I follow a famous Avatar from India who teaches that we all have a Personal Divine that if we ask for things that we need, it will work on our behalf. The description of the Genies are so similar to how the Personal Divine functions so this allowed me to risk investing in this unusual product. But even so, I would not have trusted my money with any website other than Natures-Energies because over the years I have had my medical clairvoyant test the effectiveness of the products that I eventually ordered to see if they would live up to the claims for them on this website. Every item that I had tested turned out to be the real deal.

Update after one month: Another genie story to share. Recently I found out how much rent my wife is paying for our house which she rents from the landlord who is her best friend. A neighbor who has a similar house here told us if we owned one of these homes we would have a monthly mortgage payment that would be half of what we now pay for rent. So the other day I asked the genie to find us the right house for us that would also be affordable. Today my wife was having lunch with the landlord and out of the blue the landlord said that we should buy the house from her for what she still owes on it and that way pay much less than what it costs to rent. 

So now we are considering doing that. I am amazed how the genie must have planted that seed in the mind of the landlord for that to happen like that. I don't like this house or the neighborhood, so it is interesting that the landlord suggested we could even buy it and then sell it in a few years and move somewhere that we liked better. 

At this rate I might be running out of requests for the genie since he seems to meet requests very quickly.

Genie Testimonial #4


It all started around the new moon in Sagittarius last November 2016. I wrote out my new moon wishes and went to bed. That night I had the most powerful and vivid dream I can ever remember. I dreamt that an Owl came swopping down to sit on its perch which was a corner stone of a big castle somewhere in the 18th century. The sky in the background was dark and stormy with clouds moving fast. There was already another Owl sitting on its perch on the opposite side, so I knew the Owl I saw swopping down was coming back to its perch. 

But all of a sudden I saw a huge black ominous figure with bird - like wings standing on the perch. The Owl only saw the huge figure just in time and flew off to the side, landing a bit abruptly in the scrub nearby. The dark wing- like figure took a swipe at it as it flew off - I thought there was going to be a crash onto each other. As I looked back at the black shadow winged figure I felt a very frightening presence from it. 

The Owl was acting like nothing was wrong while it scrapped with its claws through the leaves as if it was looking for food but I don’t think it was, as I could see it was looking out of the corner of its eye at the dark figure and I could hear it thinking, “you don’t scare me and I am not leaving – I’ve got my eye on you.”

I then woke up in a bit of a daze and thought OMG, what was that about and how real was that dream – I felt quite shaken. I knew there was a powerful meaning in it somewhere and I needed to find out what it was telling me. I then started searching the internet for Owl dream meanings and discovered that Owls are messengers, they can see things in the dark that we can’t - they bring messages of transformation and even death, but only death if the Owl hadn’t of stayed. So I felt relieved that this Owl did hang about.

At this time of my life I was not experiencing great health and had broken up from a relationship about one year before. I knew that coming to some peace with my former girlfriend would be a very important part of my healing - both our healings, but to make this happen  was proving to be very challenging as it was a very difficult and painful separation.

The next following weeks I was on the phone to Psychic Bev Law, my very best friend from early childhood. She was talking to me about her Khodams and how they were becoming very prevalent in her life and the magic they were giving to her. In passing conversation she mentioned one khodam she wanted to get, an Owl pendant. As soon as she said the word Owl I screamed and told her about my Owl dream and said I had been looking for pictures of Owls to print out. 

We both knew immediately that this was no co-incidence, this was synchronicity, this Owl pendant was for me and Bev found it for me. She totally agreed and almost immediately I ordered and it was on its way. I was so excited I can’t begin to tell. I then searched up on Khodams and my whole world opened. A new chapter in my life was just about to begin beyond my wildest dreams.

Five days later, my Owl Khodam still hadn’t arrived and I was off to a healing session and really had wished for it to arrive for this day.  I kept wishing and asking and the message I got was yes it is coming. It was a Saturday and I had about one hour to go before I was to leave and thought, well, so much for my psychic abilities, I obviously got that download wrong – I need to detox my GPS a bit. It was then I suddenly saw this card on my floor near my door and on the back it said that there was an item waiting to be picked up at the local post office. I checked the time and saw that the post office was closing in one hour. 

WHAT!..I exclaimed. You’ve never seen me move so fast. I got there – like I flew there, got my Khodam and got to my healing session all in the matter of one hour. I was so happy to have my Khodam Owl pendant with me, around my neck and I thanked the Universe for getting it to me on time. 

But now the most amazing part of the story is to be told. As I left my healing session I went to do some shopping and as I was waiting outside at the bus top to go home I suddenly saw my former girlfriend walking down the street towards me with a friend - I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen her for such a long time and I had wished that we would see each other again one day because I still love her very much.

As she passed by I said hello, she looked around and was shocked to see me and said OMGod, Happy New year, and asked for a hug. We fumbled with our shopping bags to get our arms around each other but we did and I suddenly felt this warmth and love and healing take place in my heart as our hearts met chest to chest. I knew that my Owl khodam was right there hanging around my neck getting a good press too and working it’s magic. It was just all too amazing to be true but I tell no lie, this really happened.

We then spoke a few words more, I acknowledged her friend and she then said “call me” and walked off. I was over the moon, I had to literally pinch myself to feel that I was not in a dream. This was literally 4 hours after I had received my Owl Khodam. I knew this was the magic from my khodam, my wish had been granted. I thanked my Khodam and asked for them to show me themselves a few days later and they did. One night as I lay with my eyes close I saw him, his name I cannot disclose – it’s just universal rule, but I saw my Owl as a Sumo wrestler. His face was fluid and changing, he looked really tough and gentle at the same time. I wasn’t scared at all – I knew he had come to me as my friend and protector, ready to fight for me for eternity. 

I know this and feel so safe with him in my life and I talk to him every day. I ask for things and I know when the time is right my wishes will be granted for my highest good. I thank Bev Law for the connection and I thank the higher force for sending me the dream I needed to have to help me move ahead with my healing and find my Owl Khodam my protector, my Genie. Anybody can have a Khodam, you just have to believe that magic truly exists, respect yourself (your soul), your body and your life and know that you deserve the best.  

I did ring my former girl-friend a week later and we spoke for 2.5 hrs. The next morning I flooded half my flat from my bath and texted her saying - if that’s not a watery moon emotional release, I don’t know what is!. She sent a warming reply back.

 I am so much more at peace and joy now and my health is improving much faster. It’s all about love, right timing, patience and trusting the higher force will look after you if you Trust your intuition and surrender to the higher force and let go of the Ego, the control we feel we need because of fear. One other main thing I have to conclude with is that you must ASK for what you wish for, though be careful what you wish for – seriously, be very clear and precise and the faster it will come if it’s meant to be for your highest good. Always say at the end of your wishing, only if it’s for my highest good! 

Magic and blessings for eternity

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