Gerard Bini - Orgonium Developer and Orgone Products Researcher

Gerard Binil have been getting a lot of emails recently from customers, and l have answered some of their questions about their not so happy experiences with orgonite which they have either made themselves, or more so, the products they have purchased, which have made some of them extremely unwell.

I have been manufacturing energy products here in Australia since 2001. Probably a lot longer than the so called "techsperts" here. Yes l too used to make and gift with orgonite. I go back to the early days of Croft and cbsworks, etc. Pity they all turned out to be all highly compromised. Back then, and we spend a lot of time with gifted energy workers and health professionals such as Naturopaths and Kinesiologists, testing and research these orgonite products, and that is now the problems with orgonite were originally found.

My sensitivity back then was developing, so l, like a lot of you here now, thought and felt that the orgonite was OK. However when the health professional friends performed Biofeedback testing and Kinesiology the results were awful. One of the Kinesiologists who had very good energy sensitivity could not stand to be around the stuff. This did bruise my ego quite a bit.

So from there l worked on developing my energy reading and sensing abilities, and started to change the way l made the orgonite. At the same time l studied Geomancy and the dynamics of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), Radio Frequencies (RF), etc. Some of the better earlier orgonite worked well for small areas in harmonizing earth magnetic grid lines and water veins and EMR fields. However because of the limitations of the orgonite large fields of effect were difficult to achieve.

I then invented a measuring system called the 'Benker Reading', where a piece of orgonite was placed on a Benker Grid crossing, and the energy change was measured in distance from the crossing point. This worked far better that the Bovis Meter, or as in the end we called the Bogus Meter.

Back then l started to develop pendants using what was called a Scarab Coil. Which again drew flack from the health professionals when tested because of the, again, limitations and polarity problems with the orgonite. From there l modified the orgonite to close to what the Orgonium is now. That is a resin product with NO metals, NO coils, and especially NO crystals.

I had developed then a Light Infusion process to remove the residual energy from the resin, and a range of choice 'ingredients' that made the product so powerful and efficient, that l then did not resemble orgonite at all anymore. That is when l changed the name to Orgonium. Orgonium is the closet Orgone Energy technology that is the closest to Wilhelm Reich's discovery and work.

Now l operate a Geomancy / EMR Consultancy business, along with the manufacturing division. We have launched into the EMR/mobile phone and Geopathic Stress protection onto worldwide markets. We also have a few strong web customers whose markets are Europe and USA. In fact most of our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products is sold in the USA and they love our products there, especially when they have bought orgonite, not been happy, and then try some Orgonium product.

So that's my story. Sorry if my comments in comparing orgonite to Orgonium is too bitter for some, or if I have bruised some orgonite egos, however that is the reality of it all.