Hebrew Cantillations

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

1. UT = 396 = 9    2. Re = 417 = 3    3. Mi = 528 = 6    4. Fa = 639 = 9    5. Sol = 741 = 3    6. La = 852 = 6

It is written:  And no man can learn this song but the 144,000

They have the testimony of Yeshua / Jesus. They  keep the commandments of God and are virgins, meaning they have no idols and have come out of false doctrine. Within the 22 letters of Hebrew is the plan of salvation.  Restoration, Salvation, Redemption, Reconciliation.  The psalms are for healing.

The numerical value of each Hebrew letter. Alef = 1    mem = 40    Tav = 400 441 is the total value the lowest common denominator is 9.  

It was in the days of Noah, and "some" of which happened again in the exodus of the ancient Hebrews, populations are having an extra gene placed within them. This is reflected in masonic symbolic language as are all evil intentions, which began upon the confusion of language, and is required by spiritual law.

The adversary has boundaries he shall not pass. An example is the three stem assembly for the olympic games. It is the council of nine at the top of the global structure who consider themselves olympanians, after the ancient rephaim. These are the ones God judged, their forebears the Nephillim, being the 200 who came to earth and mated with all manner of women and animals.  After the refusal by God to give them a reprieve for their act which broke spiritual law, they were to witness the self destruction of these offspring, by all manner of destruction, even cannibalism. All that they did, they tempt man to do from the spirit realm. These are they which roam the earth in the unseen realm. The Nephillim are in chains as far below hell as earth is above hell, until judgement.

In the spirit, looking down at earth one would see gates high above the surface like a tornado. These are entrances to hell. Hell is within the planet. It is in the form of a body. In the belly it's dimensions are fifteen miles high and three miles wide in a circular form. The walls have tier after tier of cells holding people within, which are seen as a grey mist within the skeleton and in ongoing reappearance of a person being burned up and the body reappearing, in never ending torture. There is a demon guard every fifteen feet rising to the top.

The spirits that roam the earth to this day again,  are these self same spirits, which desire to express themselves and while still able, want to experience the flesh by every means possible, like cannibalism, homosexuality, murder, etc... by any means. In dreams of sex or violence, by placing themselves into objects from a duplicate of a music recording to the cray supercomputer array beneath Falcon Colorado, or by bondage in the flesh even of the saved, or by possession of the unsaved, within the boundaries of spiritual legal position they hold within a person that by their free will, permits this.

Once a person accepts evil as good, it overtakes them in their spiritman.  Ignorance is never bliss for very long. Ask anyone famous or of royal blood. Strike that. They hate exposure. Can't stand to be around the children of the light. Smells like death to them that in the true reality, are indeed dead. Like the fallen, their greatest weakness is EGO. The very thing we must first overcome. The very aspect which those of us who are spiritually alive, strive to overcome. To defeat the first of nine dragons. One for every spirit body. That's why the adversary has nine stones of the mind of God. Yet...his spirit is dead, and what remains is only intellect.

No angelic entity be they of the adversary or of God or servant of God, is able to override or act, against the will of a person. In this, we are in the image of God.  They must have permission, or spiritual legal grounds just like any court, as reflected by the black eyed children offspring that have been reported. Those who are taken can call upon the name of Jesus for protection, especially if they already belong to him.