Important Aspects of Vibrational Energy Technology

By Linda Hannapel and Keith Frick

Opening the door to expanded awareness is best done by keeping things simple. After all, simplicity is the intrinsic nature of all universal principles. Vibrational Energy Medicine as eloquently discussed in Frank Geber’s "Vibrational Energy Medicine," understands the simple fundamental nature of health and wellness as a vibrational relationship with the intelligence of the body. Everything is frequency vibration; frequency is the language of energy. All matter vibrates as energy; indeed, matter is nothing but energy. More specifically, matter is condensed light carried into physical manifestation by photons that are directed by creative intelligence.
Although Vibrational Energy Medicine is commonly thought of as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, etc. it also includes therapuetic methods that apply frequency information directly to the body with color, sound, light, electricity, subtle and magnetic energy. This is the rapidly evolving field of Electromedicine which includes a wide variety of Vibrational Energy Technologies.
We will discuss a remarkable type of frequency technology that involves the use of various "Noble Gases." These instruments nourish the body with a complete spectrum of bioavailable frequencies while moving the lymphatic and circulatory systems to assist in detoxification. They also break up blockages and barrier tissues in the body by electrical repolarization. As the Noble Gases are ionized they emit "photon energy," reminding the body of the fundamental creative process.
Vibrational Energy Technologies can deliver frequency information more directly than the use of a substance or a remedy. This is because the energy lies closer to consciousness than matter; it is more universal and it has movement. Consequently, when the body receives energy and information directly, the results are far-reaching and broad in scope without side effects.
One would best begin to describe the approach of Vibrational Energy Technology by understanding the language of energy, or frequency. All vibration is made up of energy pulsations of positive and negative polarity. We call that "frequency." It is the way we classify different expressions of energy.
The Electromagnetic Spectrum is a whole picture or a log of all the energy frequencies observed thus far. It is called "electromagnetic" because energy has both an electrical and magnetic component. The E/M Spectrum then is a description of the energy frequencies from a few cycles per second to several million cycles per second. Low frequencies, for example, describe the electrical energy of brainwaves. A few hundred cycles per second is what we call sound: a few thousand per second are radio waves, and several million cycles per second are called light. So, from sound to light there is a very broad range of frequencies. Color is simply a specific light frequency. Subtle energy and thought vibrations are known as Scalar Energy and could be considered a 4th dimensional component of every 3rd dimensional vibration. Valerie Hunt? (couldn’t read I) " The Science of Human Vibrations, " describes the Aura as made up of low frequency magnetic energy and intermediate and higher frequency electrical energy.
What are the most ideal frequencies to use? What kind of electrical energy best suits the body? Just as with any form of nutrition, wholeness is the key. Holistic approaches to health always provide a much broader range or possibilities. Therefore, presenting the body with a full band of frequencies is far more effective and comprehensive. Also, the quality of electrical current should match that of the body; the energy must be bioavailable.
The most recent evolution in Vibrational Energy Technology advances the research of Tesla, Rife, Abrams, and Lakhovsky by combining several instruments in one. Although there are many different types of frequency instruments to address a large variety of mental and physical health issues, Noble Gas technology offers profound advantages. As mentioned, when these special gases contained in glass tubes are ionized, a powerful photon-rich-electrical field is sent out into the air. A micorcurrent containing millions of harmonic frequencies gently penetrates the body through the skin. In addition a radiowave component may be added to carry the frequencies and subtle energy through the body without any distortion. In this way a comprehensive delivery of energy is achieved containing a holistic spectrum of photobiotic nutrition.
Because the micro-current emitted from the Noble tubes matches the electrical properties of the body, it is able to travel along both the subtle and gross energy channels. This includes the energy pathways of the consciousness, those on the molecular level, as well as the acupuncture meridians, the lymph channels and blood vessels. Thus the gentle, yet penetrating photon energy fills the entire body as life-force energy rich in frequency harmonics.
The same electrical energy also breaks up bound protein matter and cells which have lost their normal electrical charge. When the cells of our bodies lose their normal charge they gather together and form clumps and clots rather than maintain their individual integrity. Rare gas technology can rapidly restore the normal energy state and ideal frequency to every cell in the body.
Every cell also resonates a unique characteristic frequency. This is why it is important to ionize the Noble Gases with frequencies that are rich in harmonics. In other words, universal frequencies of Sacred Sounds are most ideal. These are frequencies which lie in the mid-sound range and decades of research have shown that they carry the most abundant simultaneous harmonic frequencies. In this way each cell is able to match its own resonate frequency amidst a vast array of harmonic frequencies. Finally, Noble Gas tube technology delivers a powerful electrical field that restores the circulation of all the fluids in the body, especially the lymph and blood. The lymphatic system is connected to every organ in the body and is absolutely essential in purifying the body and strengthening the entire immune system. Many consider the proper lymphatic drainage to be even more important than blood circulation. These fluids, however, require the pumping actions of movement and exercise which is often severely limited in modern lifestyles.
Perhaps, the most profound value of Noble Gas Technology lies in the exotic healing value of the gases themselves. Not only do these special elements provide an excellent medium for the transfer of an electrical field of energy, they also provide an access to what is called ether, or the "gap," as Deepak Chopra calls it. Allowing the full frequency electrical energy to travel across air and ether inside glass tubes adds a unique multidimensional component. It is within this gap that photon energy can be expressed in its primordial state, acting just as it does in the expansive void of intergalactic space. It is here that the essence of these most stable elements comes alive.
Noble Gases (Helium, Argon, Neon, Xenon, Krypton) are the most unique of all the elements in the universe. They are called the Inert of Rare Gases because they are completely balanced in their number of electrons, protons and neutrons. They do not easily react or combine with other elements. These special gases were once far more abundant in the atmosphere. Many believe these gases act as windows to other dimensional realities and are integral to higher states of consciousness that once prevailed on Earth. Walter Russel, renowned spiritual scientist, described the Noble Gases as holographic representatives of all the other elements in the universe or "octaves of integrating light." Ascended Master Hilarion, as channeled by John Fox and others, attributes specific healing and spiritual properties to each Noble Gas. Xenon, for example, opens us up to higher states of consciousness and regenerates the body. Whereas, Argon clears away negative thought-forms and has been the most thoroughly researched in the treatment and alleviation of infections. Krypton is noted to improve psychic abilities and improve brain function. Helium connects one to dream states and can alleviate insomnia. Most of these properties have been substantiated by personal experience and clinical research.
Photon energy is the other key element of the regenerative and rejuvenating value of Noble Gas Technology. Photobitotic nutrition is the nutrition of light. It is the photon light energy we receive directly from the Sun or secondarily from our food. Photons emerge from the nonphysical realms and are the messengers of creative intelligence. All electromagnetic phenomena moves, manifests and changes through the exchange of photons on a quantum level.
When the body is exposed to this primordial expression of photon energy as the gases are ionized, it is reminded of the essential creative process of consciousness enlivening energy which then precipitates as matter.
Balanced coherent energy flowing in the body equates to perfect health. When the body is dynamically flowing with balanced vibrant coherent energy there is no place for dis-ease. The bottom line in achieving perfect health surrounds three issues: eliminating toxins from, complete structural alignment, and access to pure consciousness. All the energetic channels from subtle consciousness to the blood and lymph must be open and freely flowing, unobstructed by toxic debris on the physical, mental and emotional level. Secondly, a completely balanced skeletal system, including all the bones of the body, especially those in the skull, allows the energy and the intelligence of the body to flow in balance and harmony. Finally, one’s individual consciousness ultimately determines overall health; no treatment or remedy can save an individual from themselves. Consciousness and physiology are intimately inter-related; one determine the other. It is important to attend to both.
Used in conjunction with an intelligent holistic health program, Noble Gas technologies are an invaluable asst. They are a wonderfully safe and easy-to-use means of achieving ever-accelerating levels of health and wellness. These technologies provide extremely fast acting and comprehensive health benefits for anyone at any level of wellness. This approach is essentially symptom non-specific. This is because Vibrational Energy Technologies treat the body on the level at direct frequency nutrition, providing broad ranging results without side effects. Full frequency instruments using Noble gases attend to the health of each individual cell in the body by reestablishing ideal cellular resonance and energy state while simultaneously devitalizing the pathogens. This is curative, preventative, and creative health at its very best.
The rapid acceptance of alternative and traditional health modalities characterizes our ongoing desire to achieve personal sovereignty. Now is the time to take personal responsibility for our own health. Even amidst a world of chaos, control and toxicity, the intelligence of the body stands ready to support ideal health. Indeed, our bodies are already poised for perfect health. All that’s necessary in order to create vibrational alignment is to remove the blocks. All that’s’ really necessary for the cells to remember who they are, by opening up fully to the abundant flow and infinite organizing power of Creative Intelligence, which is the frequency of Love itself!