Lightworkers Healing Method Free Introductory Class

We cordially invite you to take this energy healing class for free.
What we do hope is that you will open your mind and your heart and come to understand what the Lightworkers Healing Method® is, and prepare to delve into the core curriculum. We hope that you, too, will discover, as many have before you, what a transformational experience the Lightworkers Healing Method® is.
During this free energy healing class, you will experiment with various ways of sensing subtle energy. You will receive an energetic transmission to help you heal your own life. You will go on a visit to the Higher Dimensions to make contact with your personal Spirit Guides and receive their loving help directly.
We suggest you come to this and every energy healing class with an intention for your own growth and healing.
The class goes for 80 minutes so get yourself comfortable and in a relaxed state, and then click on the video below to begin the class.