Methods of Utilizing the Gem Essence Essential Oil Blends

Set of Gem Essence Essential Oil Blends

All blends need to be shaken before each use to fully diffuse the essence & the oil together. When applying directly on the skin, always dilute with a carrier oil.

Oil Burners 

One of the safest and easiest methods of use is to place a few drops of the chosen blend into water in an oil burner. The aroma and the healing properties will be diffused into the air and benefit all in the environment. For healing, harmonising and simply smelling wonderful.

Direct Application

The blends can be applied directly to the body (externally only) once blended in a carrier oil, press on to the temples, wrists, pulse points or pass through the aura on the hands for a refreshing, balancing and clearing sensation.


A few drops of the chosen blend in a bath or a foot bath will produce a soothing, healing and luxurious experience. Use "Relaxation " to wind down (especially for children), "Joy" or "Clarity" to uplift, "Peace" for tranquillity and "Passion" for total indulgence. Reflexology points will be stimulated by the foot bath.


A few drops blended with a carrier oil will make a wonderful massage blend, healing, opulent and nurturing. Lotions: Mixed with a natural base cream, the blends can be used for moisturisers, added to shampoo & a variety of skin care products.


A few drops in a spray bottle with 100ml of water will make a lovely room deodoriser.  We stock atomisers in our store.

Spray Mists

In the same manner, use the atomiser to lightly mist over the body (avoid eyes), refreshing, hydrating and soothing.


Blended with a carrier oil and applied directly, all blends make a natural perfume,beneficial for the senses and soul. Exotic, refreshing and completely natural. Use the aromatherapy jewellery to carry your scent for the day.


Use in bathing, lotions and fragrances the same as women. Exotic masculine blends for men include "Balance" and "Peace".


To calm, support and nurture, use dilutions in oil burners or bathing, especially "Soul Connection" & "relaxation".


The combination of Gem Essences and essential oils produce a beautiful healing experience no matter which form they are utilised in. Make every part of your life a healing, enlightening and awakening experience with Renascent Gem Essence Oils.