Of a World of Illusion in an Existence of a 3-D Hologram

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

That matrix, is a description of the law of admiralty, and Quantum parse syntax grammar math interface, which is the means for enforcing the mark of the beast system, immediately upon implementing the global economic change over.  All the central banks already have the reworked language in their contracts.

This...gentlemen, is a whole other study, and the point of the spear unto the mark of the beast system and the coming global economy. This cannot be taught in an email. The skill of syntaxing documents pays based on skill level to $1,000.00 per hour to syntax written works. All treaties contracts and trusts are ( once syntaxed) unenforceable, until re written. All PhD's in the English field are not qualified. There is only one man that can write in quantum language.

Example; Once you syntax the one dollar bill, the word AMERICA becomes a dangling participle on the money. A is a single syllable and therefore means NO. MERI is Latin for MERCY. and CA is Latin for SHEEP.

The results ? "NO MERCY FOR THE SHEEP". So...who are these sheep he is trying to destroy ? Those who follow the leading of the holy spirit. He says he only destroys the illusion of the law of admiralty, but he lies, or believes a lie. Why are governments keeping their mouths shut about this ? And all the evil being done by people like Clinton etc...? They can't handle the truth. Recall that movie?

What has happened to all those in history that have refused to cooperate with this perfect fraud on top of another perfect fraud ? In the Russian revolution they had their heads taken. In Hawaii, they had their heads taken. In the future, they will have their heads taken under the guise of Sharia law. Now you know why there are 30,000 guillotines in storage in 3 locations in the US.

Today, it is now possible to destroy and break all contracts trusts and treaties created over the last 8,500 years of history in this age. Now you can understand what brought about the collapse of the mortgage industry, and the housing crisis of 2008. He syntaxed the mortgage contracts of a couple of very large companies, and could not be issued until re written in quantum. He syntaxed the Magna Carter done by Cromell, ( one of my ancestors, an Elton who loaned money to royalty in exchange for land and titles, was the right hand man of Cromwell. ) he also syntaxed the Declaration Of Independence, and the US Constitution, among many other documents in the world.

Contrary to the understanding of many researchers, the new world order began on Oct 22 1871, as set by the International Universal Postal Union in Bern Switzerland. Who is the master of all keymasters over this ? He is none other than the Jesuit,  Petrus Romanus.  He is one of the council of nine that run the planet. All wars are declared between postmasters, and all money is stamps, oil, water, gold and silver.

The actual right hand of Satan in the world, is Baron Guy De Rothschild, aka The Pindar. Penis of the dragon. He is the head of the 13th house of the druid council. His symbol is the phallic in all three city states as independent nations. One in Washington, one in London, and one in the Vatican. Why do you think this is popular as a sex act?  

Recall the quantum cray five supercomputer ? it is this array that is HQ central for this mark of the best economic system. It calculates 100 trillion times faster than a person. There is  a cybernetic data base of the planet surface mapped out, and an ID for every dial tone. A perfect math code that adds up forward or backward, using the excuse that now we can communicate with the alien space brothers  ( once their are announced ), without going to war over miss communication. The false peace that will last 3.5 years. On March 1, 1997, the trust industry was syntaxed. The internal revenue service through the post office, with 40 trillion held in trusts globally, the postal service seized over 33 trillion. There were 25 million trusts held globally. Actually the post office gained some 38 trillion in profit by about 2009.  So the false prophet which is the pope uses this system to enforce the mark of the beast for when the anti-Christ reveals himself. it's all enforced by the military they control.