Of Technologies

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

HAARP is capable of tearing the planet apart, but this will not take place. Speculation... It may have been that it was used to create what is now an asteroid belt in our outer solar system.  One ability is to freeze up avionics, to kill people like little John John who finally passed the bar, who was about to use his magazine George, to expose the means of the enemy that killed his father as they did in Dallas Texas. I still recall watching Robert Kennedy, lying on the floor in the hotel kitchen on the evening news.

There are hardened chips that can avoid this technology, but these are classified and not used in civilian craft. Keep in mind, that anyone in flight while WWIII is announced, will have their aircraft attacked, and will immediately fall out of the sky. Scalar war far surpasses nuclear war. All conventional war has been made redundant. All you need do is place boots on the ground after it's over. Sudden death with no radiation. Sorry, too late. They already released Fukushima & are lying about it. 

So within the frequency attacks in general or of Targeted Individuals, we have AT&T and Nokia, both dialing up your cortex. In the eastern European nations you have the woodpecker grid, and in places like the UK there is the Tetra system. There are many many patents, but I won't list them here.

One of the most evil women there is, Hillary Clinton, tried to bring national health care,  now called Obama care, is using an EMR or electronic medical record for a national data base. This is to be used like a choker chain against the medical profession as one of several methods already used, like reps selling for big pharma reporting a lack of cooperation by doctors to prescribe medications and sharing info which is used against their licence for controlling them into cooperating.  The truth can get them into a lot of trouble. Mengele overlords.

Implantation of chips in vaccines are for psycotronics to rewire the brain, and to insert DNA that would alter you permanently. Programmed to be sensitive to the influence, microwaves are dense and don't need a lot of data to pass on. Who ever said you need to be a zombie to think chemtrails are contrails? lol :)

Keep in mind here, there are also some 80 detention facilities or more waiting, and one in Alaska can hold close to a million if needed. Of the underground cities, there are a minimum of 250 in the US & Canada. Lets not forget about those magnito levitron high speed trains moving at mach 2.5 the speed of sound.  Almost all the laws have been passed now, and are so complex that congress has little time and sometimes none, to read what they pass. One thing that would help is a bunch of new blood in there. Ever see the old movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with Jimmy Stewart ? The ones that question are often turned, as is the phrase in covert counter intelligence. They are corrupted and is used against them. Canada does not admit to participating in clandestine operations.... if indeed any were to exist. :) So an int op would not be aware of any even if that were the case.