Our World Simplified

1.                                                                  Our world, simplified.

The universe is composed of three compartments. While alive in the flesh we are in that portion that is of the lake of fire or sheol. The physical aspect of our existence is composed of five dimensions, though we are also spirit in nature. There is our 3-D of dimensions known to all. 

There is the fifth dimension known as the higgsfield. It is the structure of dark matter and dark energy. This dimension is a granulated quantum tunnel wormhole. This dimension in it’s various forms generates the effects of electromagnetism, electrical fields, gravity, mass, inertia and ALL the laws of physics.

The three dimensions of our 3-D existence are encased within time, which is time space, and within time space, there is the higgsfield. On this level is an existence of chaos or entropy, and degeneration. However, the ordered structure of things that comes into our universe comes from the higher dimensions called hyperspace or in scriptural terms, the spirit dimensions. 

These higher dimensions compose the second realm which are from the sixth to the twelfth dimensions, called either the spirit dimensions or hyperspace. Our local universe is an enclosed envelope as a bubble, accounting for the curvature of time space. Creation has an infinite number of other universes, like bubbles coming off of bubbles. This second compartment containing the spirit dimensions of hyperspace has evil entities which have existed for many ages of linear time. Their intention of course is to ABORT all mankind. To convince mankind he has no spirit, and that the aliens created us.

Our 3-D existence is a hologram. From the perspective of the higher dimensions, our 3-D existence is an illusion, as a holographic universe or bubble. We can relate to a high definition picture on a television accept this is projecting our reality. So on this realm or level, we are actually a “projection “ from the higher dimensional plane of the second realm. 

So when we look at the solidness of our surroundings from our body, the animals, trees, rocks, planets the sun etc...  and what we physically know, all is being created by higher dimensional time space or spirit dimensions. So there is a granularity to the dimension of time, just as there is granularity or as pixels on your television screen. This is pixilated time space, imbedded within the pixilated higgsfield that IS a quantum tunnel wormhole which is the fifth dimension. Like those Russian dolls, each is within the next.

So our world space is of these first five lower dimensions. We can watch a three dimensional picture, or a video of a four dimensional video meaning the pictures can change as in a hologram, yet we are actually in a fifth dimensional holographic world space. In history the Hindu’s speak of this, as did the Mayan’s or illusion. The fourth dimension of time itself is literally manufactured. So from the higher dimensional plane of the spirit or time space, it doesn’t exist from that perspective accept as a hologram. God in now time looking upon creation IS the life of creation. Once confronted by truth at the white throne judgement, for God to look away from you is the second death in eternal oblivion. By relationship or fellowship with the father by his son, before physical death, he knows us and are saved, if we maintain that relationship. 

2. The highest dimension which is the third compartment is the eternal now, where all that was, IS, all that is, IS, and all that will be, IS. This is the thirteenth dimension. The most intelligent being ever created is Lucifer. He was the chief architect of creation under God known also as Kronos, the king of time, before his fall. All the Masonic organizations mention this and they like to use the number 13. All the highest levels of the ancient druids, shamans, and these three lettered agencies of every government on earth “all know of this. “ Freemasonry has 180 degrees. The lower levels do not know whom they serve.

The 13th dimension is beyond all the dimensions of the spirit dimensions or hyper space. Everything there is of infinite knowledge, infinite omniscience, beyond the infinite bubbles or universes of time space that exist. 

Our enclosed bubble or universe, has well over 266 quadrillion galaxies. The milky way is a spiral galaxy, about 100,000 light years in diameter. It’s estimated by SETI using the Drake equation over the last billion years, there are 100 million civilizations at our level of development or beyond.  Some civilizations are good, and some are extremely evil and super intelligent. Every galaxy has in it’s centre, a black hole comprising exactly 2.5% mass. There is a continuous balance of energy and matter being exchanged. Dark matter and dark energy enters and exits, at 10 billion times light speed. On exiting it forms white holes that ecreats and “forms the matter within “ to create all stars and planets, adding to this are the force of gravity and spin to increase size externally, not only from within over eons of time. Billions of years ago, the earth was somewhat smaller.  Earth’s age is estimated at five billion years.

There is an ancient galactic and transdimensional war, with those that follow satan. They have avitared mankind, bred specific classes of mankind, that can be easily broken by reikian mind control, and are demonically possessed. They put each inbred generation through sex magic blood sacrifice demonic worship ritual to place curses on them. This has been done in every ancient culture for ever greater demonic power. Indeed they feed off of the fear from the chaos they create. Having spiritual possession, these people are as wetwear to rule this world. Then to pass into oblivion.

As said, these people hold most of the highest positions in all the institutions of mankind. These spirits are transdimensional evil entities that have always been among mankind for eons and exist in hyper space or the spirit dimensions. The offspring of the fallen ones that came to earth, don’t have a soul created by God, and in spirit roam the earth seeking whom they may possess.

These spirit beings also have minions that exist in our universe. They come from specific places and star systems in our universe. There is an awareness of the Orion nebula and the belt of Orion, specifically the region of Sirus A and Sirus B  because of these beings which are from this region of our galaxy. They are also from Alpha Draconis. The largest pyramid at Giza points to these locations. In the last age, Giza pointed to Alpha Draconis. These beings came here as the ancient ones that brought technologies to mankind, and messed with mankind’s genetics and knowledge we were not intended to have. 

There were the 200 that came to mount Hermon in scripture known as the Nephillim that mingled their seed with the seed of mankind. Their offspring became the rephaim which are the giants, men of renown and well known in Greek mythology. Not being created with a spirit from God, again, they remain in the spirit realm roaming on earth to possess the souls of mankind until the day of judgement. 3. They want to express themselves in the manner as they did while alive on earth, and is recognized in the behaviours of those being given over to a reprobate mind. As said, there are also those from the Draco system, known as amphibious Draco reptilians, and they are at the top of their power structure in the physical. So these UFO’s are not unidentified at all. The pope wears the fish hat and serves them.

 The Sumerian tablets are writings about them, indicating kingship of very long life spans in ancient time. The bible tells of them, as many ancient books tell of them. These are the last days of secular history. Other ancient writings OMITTED FROM THE CANNON are going to be revealed to the world as it’s believed they have been recently discovered but not yet released. Enoch and other ancient writings are now being taught by God’s leader. 

                                                      Demonic  Collusion Against God’s Chosen

The highest levels of Masonic groups, the highest levels of the three lettered agencies, the highest levels of the Vatican, and all those at the highest levels of every government on earth and every institution of mankind, are well aware of these things. All the secret agencies on earth, all of these are collaborating with these beings. They are Sabotean Satanists. Their plan is to steal, kill and destroy, and to abort all mankind.  They separate mankind from God by every means available to them.                                                   

In exchange for scientists of the third Reich, and technologies like the bombs that devastated Japan, Hitler was released, as the third Reich became the fourth within the US government under project paperclip. The Special Activities Division of the CIA has operated to generate all wars and global crime to finance the military industrial complex. We have been long warned of this by famous men like Dwight Eisenhower and John F Kennedy. Hitler died in Chile in 1986. Joseph Mengela, kept mind controlled slaves for many years after the war. Many famous people have also had access to mind controlled slaves.

In 1954, the treaty of Greneda was established between the globalists within the US government and these beings, to exchange people for technologies. Just as in the days of Noah, the DNA of mankind is again being blended with the fallen in the flesh in underground cities. They live among the population. There are countless articles written by whistleblowers, many of whom have been killed, which have been relegated to just as many tactics of counterespionage to create a social image lacking credibility, usually with some measure of truth. 

At the same time, contrary to the US constitution for the separation of church and state, Christian religions also in 1954 under the Johnson amendment agreed to be placed under government control, for the tax free status that has kept religions silent. They have taken a bribe, and blinded by it. This is the year the Bilderbergs were established. Where is the scripture that your tithe can gain a tax return for a portion of the harvest? There is none.

Every time the globalists moved against freedoms that otherwise would maintain the ability to speak out against laws that steal kill and destroy societies right to stand up for what is scriptural and moral,  religion did nothing. The blood on religions hands is so extreme this could only be calculated by God. 

4. Among the many plans of this synagogue of Satan, is to use all manner of means to destroy man’s ability to communicate with God in the spirit, and replace it with “communication by the reprobate mind”. This combines Cray 5 quantum supercomputing with math code based quantum grammar language. Toxic and GMO food is being used, fluoridation, gluten, aspartame and vaccines.

At least 26 dangerous adjuvents in vaccines are used, the effects of which include infertility and permanent damage to the DNA for future generations, and to cut off spiritual communication “separation”, by calcifying the magnitie particles in the pineal gland. More on this later.

All media and forms of entertainment are used to steer world perception, and prevent mankind from the knowledge of his own nature and the nature of creation itself. Six multinationals use China also.

Darkness wants to keep us from using our free will to receive that, which the enemy has only by intellect, yet has already been given to those chosen from before the foundations of the world. To become that which darkness has already lost for eternity.  The presence of God, being in intimate fellowship with him. The enemy lost, what God’s chosen of Israel aspires to gain and will fulfill. Israel itself is run by false Jews.

The pineal gland is connected to the silver chord of living waters to the soul in the mid section, the solar plexus. They want to cut off the connection of our physical body on this plane, to our spiritual body we call our soul that exists in hyper space or the spirit dimensions. It can be disconnected if you damage that portion of the brain. This literally turns people into the undead. We would be as a mere biological machine only, and not the spiritual being connected to our physical body, using the five senses to interact with this world. The mark of the beast by quantum dot  nano tech in a vaccine does this. 

Because of our dual nature, being of the physical and the spiritual dimensions, we can literally by our thoughts, by our intensions and by our KNOWLEDGE of reality, have the ability to CHANGE and CREATE REALITY, once we can command the angels. That makes us Godlike, because a portion of us is that seed that IS of God, but only for those in fellowship and obedience with a developing anointing. As you believe, so shall you do. Obedience to the Torah, the commandments, the covenant is required.

That’s why such an emphasis on controlled perception. Darkness cannot afford for us to discover our true nature and power. Their only purpose, is to use any manner of means allowed by God, to separate us from him. To remove the knowledge of God from the earth. The reverse is what will happen.

Therefore we are made of three aspects. The seed that makes us and our spirit that IS God, our souls that makes us as individuals that is also separate from our physical body, and our physical body that currently has a relatively short physical life span, and will come into the restoration with all things. Restoration of life to the years of Methuselah could never be accomplished without repentance. 

5. Why the fallen hate us is because we can have what they have lost. We are the children, the descendents, those that will transition from mortal beings to immortal beings. We will have a portion of omniscience and a portion of omnipotence to literally change and create reality. To move from a zero order civilization, into our former estate as co-creators of the universe and midwives for the transition of countless other civilizations. It is understood that we are of the angelic beings that interacted with our ancestors all those generations ago that came out of Egypt. They did not comprehend God’s ways, and wandered 40 years, to do us good at the latter end.

God has not informed other nations of his commandments. Religion has no idea how to gain the blessings of psalm 91, nor allow prophets to speak. A pastor does not have the anointing to lead. That requires the office of a prophet. Christianity has lost it’s identity long ago, yet a remnant is being called.
Mankind has 23 genes that do not appear in any other mammal or primate on earth. We are the chosen to restore mankind by living in obedience to God, that his glory will fill the whole earth. We know life is both a physical and spiritual war. If it is not scriptural it is a lie, yet  books can be altered requiring revelation knowledge by the prophets. Religion being far removed from truth, don’t even agree on basic doctrine.

To say this another way; The physical world subsumscribes our timeline perceptions of consciousness of our local world from string theory, dimensions one to four plucked on the body of dimensions 5 to 12 as higher dimensional singularity. Photo entanglement is simply hyperspace negentropic holographic constructs that determine the lower dimensional singularity.

The wall between the physical to spiritual will disappear, when we are enlightened to the true complete nature of the singularity of universal consciousness. The spirit dimensions are the foundation of the physical. One cannot exist without the other. All must take place in the spirit, before it can take place physically, which is the basis of what we call a miracle. It is seen in the spirit, then called forth into the physical. These seldom take place, as few keep the testimony and live by the commandments, the covenant or Torah given on Sinai. 

As we gain understanding of hyperdimensional physics, the nature of the universe, our place in it, and the interaction of consciousness and reality; this revelation will transform our world, the energy class of our civilization, and interaction with all life forms or our poly-dimensional universe. Homouniversalis will have identity within universal knowledge.   Our whole being, fused with the will of the creator.              

                                                         Cycles of destruction and renewal

At one time there was an earth like planet that was destroyed by an asteroid, and in that destruction the atmosphere of Mars was also wiped away, along with the very advanced civilization that was there. That planet remains in our time as an asteroid belt between Jupiter and  Mars.

Using radio tomography in the 1960’s satellites discovered magma domes, hollowed out with huge rock pillars. In California there have been discoveries of melted out areas from 300,000 to 500,000 years old. The earth is as said, about five billion years old. Some 9 million years ago, Alaska was on the equator. 6. The last pole shift that took place however, moved the ancient city of Atlantis from where the southern tip of South America is today, and placed it 1,650 miles further to our southern pole in the Antarctic. Researchers know this as Neuschwabenland. 

Norway aligned east / west. The north pole was on the south of Baffin Island. Atlantis and Lemuria were historically real. Ashurbanipal India krypton nuclei are evidence of a nuclear war some 12,000 years ago. The position of the dark knight satellite in polar orbit is at least 36,000 years old. Only recently has mankind once again achieved polar orbit.  

Clearly the last civilization was very advanced and fell away. At one time the geomagnetic field was 4,000 times stronger, so the schuman’s resonance stimulating the DNA was also that much stronger. There was ice above and water beneath the land and on the land, no radiation of any kind, all manner of minerals plentiful in the earth, and no imperfection by sin. 

Adam and Eve would have lived forever, had not sin allowed for entropy / decay to begin to take place increasingly over time. Atmospheric pressure was perhaps twice what it is today.

Everything grew larger including people than today, as it was natural given the environment. Now in these last days, we live on a dying planet of corruption which a being not of earth would observe it’s inhabitants, behaving as suicidal.

Roughly every 24,500 years, there is a crustal pole shift. A lithsopheric disjunction. The star Betelgeuse in the Orion nebula, is 671.2 light years from earth. On Aug. 1st, both LIGO Laser Interferometer  Gravitational wave Observatory, and VIRGO the Gravitational Wave Observatory established in 2015 detected a distortion in space. This is torsion field imaging. Nobody knows how long it will take for this P2 red giant to go supernova, but that’s what will happen. Globalists know it, and fear it.

There are three sources of gravity waves. A coronal mass ejection as has happened from our sun during the Carrington event of 1859. A passing black hole, or a star going supernova which is by far the strongest source. 

This causes four wave events. Pi mesons which are a subatomic particle and passes through the planet, and is the first event to occur. The second wave is the gravity wave. The third wave is a plasma wave which activates electrons. The fourth wave is of the light spectrum. There are some 2,000 holes in earth’s ozone layer. Without ozone, the full force of gamma rays from space would destroy all life exposed to it. Because of geoengineering, there are already 23 negative feedback loops harming the environment. Corruption by frequency is also increasing in intensity. Use of the 5-G destroys the genes, causes hypoxia and interferes with the schuman’s resonance for healing. Not even insects can survive it.

The earth’s crust contains ringwoodite located between 410 to 660 km deep. Trapped within the rock this has nascent water of 2.4%, in the form of oxygen and hydrogen. The volume contains many times the same as the amount of water on the surface. However, there are also oceans beneath the crust. 

The gravity wave releases this into water, which lowers the temperature for rock to melt into lava. Gravity waves can also trigger earthquakes and volcanoes.  As of Dec. 28 2019 and progressing into 

7. 2020, Pureto Rico was struck by an earthquake swarm, including 11 that were of 5.0 or greater. Recently a large earthquake happened in eastern Russia. These are increasing in frequency and intensity.

Betelgeuse however is 671.2 light years from earth, and in December 2019 it was observed losing 40% of it’s mass. Therefore, this event actually took place in the year 1348. What was happening on earth at that time? The black plague had taken hold, having begun in 1331. As a result, 75 million people of  Eurasia died. Some 50% of Europe had died by 1353. 

By 1492 as Europeans had begun settling in the America’s, the native population had declined by the Victorian era by 90% of small pox, typhus, tuberculosis, mumps, measles, influenza, bubonic plague and  cholera. From there over centuries, there were many outbreaks across Europe like those in Milan in 1630, Seville in 1647 and London in 1665. 

Once the earth’s crust reaches it’s piezoelectric slip threshold, the crustal shift will move Canada south by about 1,260 miles, placing Cuba on the equator. The shift will take just over two months, moving at 1.7 mph, about the speed of an elderly man using a walker.  

The arrival of wormwood is expected in April 2029 with a 1% chance of striking the earth. Scripture shows men’s hearts will fail, for fear of what’s coming on the earth. It’s approach will be seen by all causing distress of nations. Not all mankind is destined to live in eternity. Predestination and free will coexist. Ancient writings call it Apophis and is three times larger than the one that killed the dinosaurs.

As for the mark of the beast, if you get injected with a vaccine, you can be made sterile no longer able to reproduce, and having nano bots, this... IS the mark of the beast. Biometric Encryption And Satellite Tracking, now employing 6 companies to establish the LEO low earth orbit satellites, using the five –G network, your thoughts and emotions can be controlled, believing they are your own. 

As it alters the DNA, you are no longer of the species of mankind and this can never be reversed since your genetically altered. All communication is by means of the cray five supercomputer array, and the pineal gland no longer functions, and are unable to connect to the spirit nature of what you were. You become dead to God. There are three ways one can never be forgiven. The mark of the beast, physical suicide of the temple, the body, and blaspheming the holy spirit.
There is more on the mark. It’s interconnected systems and functions. Many today are being taken from truth, involving themselves in many means of deception like the Kundilini, a practice in the kabbalah, the path to the dark side if you will.  Is there power in this? Absolutely, and although one can be forgiven there is always a price for sin. We are humbled and start over. 

It’s not once saved always saved. There is a difference between being called and having a relationship with God, and being in fellowship with God. Many are being called in the spirit, and few are chosen.  The first fruits of the remnant have already been gathered. The call for Ephraim ( the ten lost tribes)to return to God’s way continues. Revelation knowledge is revealed by his prophets. 

8. As corruption is revealed, millions will need leadership to turn too. Not all will hear God and do his will, as they are blind by the hardness of the heart living in the world. Those who seek with the whole heart, will self identify by the spirit. Once we repent, we need instruction so as not to fall back into sin. Being saved is merely the beginning of the matter. What is coming, is the restoration of all things. 

The globalists are the synagogue of satan. They have had a helium three mining operation on the moon since five years before the eagle hand landed. The base on Mars was established in 1982. The craft use ion propulsion to reach Mars in days, and have superluminal technology. 

By the use of the hedron collider which is the development of a stargate, they seek to travel to other regions of space. This will not be permitted. Most of the craft around earth are of back engineered technology, but not all. For more on the deep underground military bases, watch the video on Phil Schneider. 
To recognize the promised land where Eden is located and hidden by angels, watch this video. https://youtu.be/XuB-Nl-lJog For deeper knowledge from books hidden from mankind, you need to listen to the prophet leading God’s leadership of the remnant, the army of God, the 144,000. There is a place in the wilderness to flee too, and nothing will be able to harm God’s remnant.

The location of the ark of the covenant, is 20 feet beneath the site of the cross in front of Golgotha. The blood of Jesus has been tested and shown to be of his mother, and of God. Jesus is the father in the flesh. Religions do not even know the structure of prayer to be heard by the almighty. There is one way to know he is real. To seek him with the whole heart until he becomes real to you, and by obedience, both in the spirit and by circumstance, can recognise him answering prayer. The blessings of psalm 91 are only for those that keep his covenant. There is no rapture. There is the removal of the synagogue of satan, like going into the underground cities, from which they will never return.